Friday, May 26, 2017

Week 34 - Wrapping Up

We have one more week left of our normal school year before we enter summer school mode. Amber has finished the total number of hours (1000) required by the state of Missouri per school year! She is still short a little on the number of core subject hours required each year (600), but those will be completed in the next two weeks. We are in great shape, even though we've been a little light on school this week.

This past Sunday was my 45th birthday. How is it at all possible that I'm halfway through my forties? Before I know it, I'll be 50 years old with a 20 year old child. Time passes so slowly some days, yet I still clearly remember being Amber's age like it was a week ago.

My mom was still here on Sunday morning since her house was still without power from the storms on Friday. She opted to go to her church and we went to ours, but at least I got to see my mom on my birthday this year.  Her power came back on while she was at a church senior event Sunday afternoon, so she never returned to our house that day. But she did come out on Monday to take us to lunch for my birthday and collect the food we had been storing for her over the weekend when her refrigeration appliances had no power.

Rosie has been feeling better and moving better. She is still super cuddly, but treatment is helping her.
She also was able to go shopping with Amber and me on Monday to buy a new refrigerator for our kitchen. Sunday afternoon / evening we noticed our kitchen refrigerator was not cooling properly; it had been acting wonky for about 10 months, so it was not a total surprise. Thankfully, we have a spare garage fridge and a basement deep freezer. Plenty of space remained in both of those even with my mom's food for us to empty our kitchen refrigerator.  Luckily, the model of refrigerator I had been wanting was in stock - one left - and available for delivery on Wednesday. The whole ordeal was more of an inconvenience than anything, since we have the spare appliances. I am most grateful for that.

Amber and I took Monday off from school because of the belated birthday lunch and refrigerator shopping. Tuesday was an appointment day though, so we honestly had zero time for school. We barely had time for meals. But I'm happy to report both she and I have healthy eyes. Amber's prescription hasn't changed in years and I still do not need vision correction. There is no sign of disease or damage in either Amber's or my eyes, which is a huge bonus when we both have diseases that can affect the eyes. Yes, we see a fancy opthamologist who converses with her patients about their overall health and not just their eyes, since they are all connected.

Milori and Biscotti also wanted Amber cuddles this week. Only Amber gets to hold Biscotti so compactly without argument.
Wednesday and Thursday ended up being normal school days - yippie. And Friday was therapy day for Amber, which means less school than a regular day.  We've really pared down the school lessons as we near summer school time. Most of the subjects have been completed except for the ones that will be continuing over the summer.  Accomplished during the shortened week:

  • Amber finished the last rewrite and edit of her essays from the High School Essay Intensive, which finishes off writing for 9th grade.  
  • She has one more grammar lesson before that is complete for the school year too!
  • One history lesson. I do want to sneak in one more history lesson before we call it complete for the summer. In August, she will simply pick history back up where we left off. So, it's not a huge issue. 
  • She finished the first read through of Julius Caesar along with all of the accountability questions and now is going on the second reading of it as outlined in the Lightning Literature schedule. 
  • Worked on Latin, Greek and Chemistry which will all continue over the summer.
History timeline and Shakespeare.

Amber's summer (school-ish) plans include:
  • Greek and Latin - we don't want her to lose her momentum or forget.
  • Literature - Some Lightning Literature Shakespeare because it's a review, some reading I assign because there are novels I think she should read.
  • Chemistry - It's a review.
  • Creative Writing - A home course and with a group writing a couple act play.
  • Botany plant genetics experiment now that the weather is warmer.
  • Weighted blanket sewing with her friends
It's been a good week, even with the anxiety over a quick appliance purchase and delivery. Now here's to hoping tomorrow's storms leave us alone. I really don't like severe weather... as in I'm preparing tonight for tomorrow's storms.  You'd think I am a recent transplant to the mid-west as opposed to living here my whole life. Yet, I'm still terrified of severe storms.

Happy Memorial Weekend, and may your weekend be storm free.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Week 33 - A Quick Recap

A quick run down of our week since the storms in Missouri altered how our Friday and Saturday have gone.  Very intense storms in the wee hours of Friday caused us to loose power for the early morning hours. We also lost a tree branch in a front yard tree and may still need to take more off of the tree.

But we are fortunate since many in our metro area are still without power, including my mother. A tree in one of her neighbor's yards came down during the Friday morning storm and took out a electric pole with transformer. So, my mom and her perishable foods have been staying with us since late Friday afternoon. There is no estimate of when she will have power back.  I may get to have my mom visiting for my 45th birthday tomorrow!

Mother's Day lunch after church. Sadly, this was the best selfie we could take.

This week's fun:

  • Mother's Day relaxation with my family
  • Late Mother's Day lunch with my mom on Monday
  • Sewing day with Amber's friends - they have 10 weighted blankets ready for the bead stage!
  • "Amber and Mom Day" for May - we didn't do much except relax and then take in Grandma.
  • Grandma visiting - who doesn't have fun when their grandma visits, and gets to go to our regular Saturday Texas Roadhouse lunch.

Sewing with friends (I cropped out the friends), back to her drawings, and Star Wars LEGO sets.
Lunch with Grandma on Saturday!
My Mr. Lincoln rose bush is having hybrid problems. It now has large red flowers and small pink flowers. 

This week's school:

  • Essay writing - editing and working on a longer version of her essay from the High School Essay Intensive
  • Grammar - every day, except Friday
  • Literature - Started reading Julius Caesar with only one act left. She's enjoying this.
  • Greek - Most days
  • Latin - Most days
  • Chemistry - We are reviewing General Chemistry from Novare Science. Amber so badly wants to take chemistry, but is afraid after some poor science curriculum choices in the past. I'm hoping this one will be more successful, especially if I participate in the lesson time.

Lots of Julius Caesar and beginning chemistry (she was chilly and being silly)

Coming Up:

  • Another birthday celebration - we are supposed to be having lunch with my mom on Monday to celebrate my birthday with her. So.... that may not happen though if she's still staying with us on my birthday tomorrow, or even on Monday. 
  • Eye doctor appointments - Amber and I both have our annual checkups. I'll be dilated, as usual.
  • Therapy day  - Amber's regular therapy. I'm still so happy we only go one day, every other week. It's been a sanity saver to have this new schedule.
Biscotti being adorable for such a large kitty.
Rosetta is still going to the vet 3 times a week for laser treatments and now Adequan injections (
glucosamine for cats). She's walking better, but still has a significant hitch in her walk and clearly still has pain.

Happy Stormy Weekend!

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Week 32 - Pets...

We had a most unexpected week and nearly all of our days were not how we had planned them. It mostly revolves around our smallest cat, Rosetta, having some pretty severe problems that we had no clue about until last Sunday.

Fun Events

But first, Amber went to the Spring Formal / Prom last Saturday and had a fantastic time. I got the impression that they are no longer "magical" to her anymore though. Instead she just enjoys dressing up and hanging out with her friends. She doesn't ever make the group photo session in the park because her options are to spend an hour or more traipsing about a park for photos, or to spend the evening at the dance. We take the latter option.

Sunday Amber had a birthday party to attend in the late afternoon and evening. She is so proud of herself because she went down to a creek with her friends, walked through the creek, and fished. She even caught a fish, which she would not touch. She kept saying "I was outdoorsy!"  Yet once we got home she immediately took an hour long shower to get the "outdoors and creek off."

Earlier Sunday afternoon I had remembered that I had an appointment for the steroid shots in my back during Amber's flute lesson later in the week, so managed to reschedule that for Monday. Only to have a message AFTER we arrived home from the flute lesson that my pain management doctor is on indefinite medical leave and I'll need to reschedule to see one of the other doctors in the practice. That is after re-arranging the authorization for the shots with my insurance. I've done none of that yet. It was all too ridiculous.

Cat Problems:

The problem with Rosetta arose Sunday morning. We awoke after the late night for Amber's dance to find Rosie not using her back left leg. Fred took her to the emergency vet while Amber and I got ready for the day. We were fortunate in that the vet on call at the emergency office was actually one of our veterinarians from the practice we use. So, this veterinarian actually knew Rosie.  Fred was sent home with Rosie and a pain killer. Nothing was broken and probably soft tissue damage from a jump. Rose is a jumper.

Rosetta.  This was our first trip to the vet's new location. They have exam rooms designed for cats and dogs now, and are a certified Fear-Free vet.
However she got much worse over the afternoon and evening on Sunday, so Monday morning I called bright and early and got her in to see our other veterinarian (just because the one she saw Sunday was off on Monday) Monday morning.  This time Rosetta was x-rayed. She has severe arthritis. Very severe. There are "significant changes to her hips."  Sigh. Rose is only 4 years old (and one month). We immediately started cold laser therapy to help with the inflammation. Tuesday Rosie's pain was more than the vets wanted to see, so I took her in for an anti-inflammatory shot. She got three of those shots on consecutive days and goes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for her laser therapy. However, on Thursday and Friday she also ended up with enemas because she hadn't gone since Sunday / Monday (hard to tell).

At this point, on Saturday afternoon, she is using her litter box appropriately again. She always ate and drank well. She is still walking with a hitch and doesn't walk too far at one time. She runs after resting, but then has to stop. She does small jumps, but has come to realize she can't make most of the jumps she used to do.  We have to keep her confined to a safe room when we are asleep or gone, so that she doesn't re-injure the hip even more. We confine her brother, Milori, with her too.

This means to leave the house for anything is an ordeal. We also have Biscotti who is still not out with the other cats without a leash or us being watchful. I spend half of my day juggling where cats are, and which ones get the roam of the house. Biscotti doesn't know that Rose is injured, I don't think. But he is enjoying being out more since Rose and Milori must be put away more for Rose's safety.

Silly moments: This week at the same restaurant as last week, Amber got a normal sized straw and a small glass :) Being a pirate, and accidentally matching her dad today.
In all, Rose went to a vet at least once a day Sunday - Friday this past week. I'm relishing that we were able to stay home this morning. Amber has been a huge help in herding cats, following my texted instructions as I wait at the vet each day, and generally being patient with my exhaustion from it all.


We were supposed to start Amber's standardized testing bright and early on Monday. That didn't happen because we were both tired from the weekend, and spent most of the morning at the vet with Rosetta.  Instead Amber worked on some Grammar after lunch, began her new Lightning Literature Shakespeare (tragedies) that we are reviewing, and had her flute lesson.  I think that was a pretty good start considering the long weekend and Monday morning.

Tuesday and Wednesday Amber spent the bulk of her school days on her standardized testing. She uses the Stanford 10 (Task 1 this year) along with the OLSAT ability test. To celebrate the completion of the testing, and because Fred could come home early that day, we went to see a late afternoon showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on Wednesday. It was a fantastic movie and good way to relax.

Standardized testing. Maybe not the best choice this year.
Thursday, after our daily vet visit, Amber's friends came over for a sewing session on the weighted blankets we are making for Children's Hospital. They made good progress, and we helped one of her friends learn to sew. Next week we have another sewing day with an additional friend who was unable to join this week. Amber and I plan to sew on the blankets most Thursdays this summer and will open our house to whichever of her friends that want to join us each week. I'd like to finish 20 blankets over the course of the summer, so we'll see how well the girls work.

Friday was another therapy day, so most of the afternoon was spent at the hospital for Amber's PT and OT. Then she had her last yearbook meeting of the school year. Amber has all of her assignments completed! You know we are quickly approaching the end of the school year when the yearbook is finished.

Sewing and Lightning Literature Shakespeare. The Lightning Lit had literally arrived in the mail 5 minutes prior.
In school hours, Amber is almost finished with her total hours - she might even finish next week. However, she is still not there with her core hours. After looking over our May schedule and invitations Amber has received for fun events, we have decided to not stress over finishing the core hours before the end of May. Although I wanted to give Amber a full summer off, she has never had that. Amber decided to work on a few core subjects through June. Working 2-3 hours a day on Science, languages, and English will easily allow her to complete the remaining core hours needed. I'll then give her most of July off from school. She finds this an acceptable solution and really wasn't sure what she would do with an entire summer off.

Next week we still have to take Rosetta to the vet three days, assuming she has no additional problems. We'll still have to keep her from roaming the house when we can't watch her too, which means the cat juggling will continue. But otherwise, there really isn't anything additional on the schedule except for flute lesson. Whew. I'm relieved. This week was a bit too much.

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