Friday, February 17, 2012

It's Going Great! - Weekly Review

"It's going great", that's the answer I keep giving all the very supportive people who are asking about our new adventure into homeschooling.  I just keep waiting for the other shoe to fall, but it hasn't.  Things are truly going great.  Maybe things were so very not great before that it's going to take a while for homeschool to be anything but great.

It was our third week of homeschooling, second week doing a full load of subjects.  We have definitely settled into our schedule and school always starts with Religion class promptly at 9:00 am.  Each morning Amber tells me it is time to start and she is so excited. Math follows Religion class and Amber races upstairs to the school area and prepares herself for the morning lessons as soon as our prayers are done.  I don't think I could ask for a more energetic or enthusiastic response to this decision to homeschool her.

We did have the small bump with Social Studies that I've wrote about earlier.  It was just so boring and lacking in any information that made it worth our time.  I did find an online source that studies the regions of country like a road trip, just as her Social Studies book does. It is called Road Trip USA.   The curriculum is a little young for Amber, but none the less we are using some of it to add more detailed information to our regional study and to simply add some fun projects to the subject.  We both can't wait until the regional studies are done and we can finish up Missouri history.  We are waiting until the weather is a little warmer to work on the rest of Missouri history so that we can take all the fun field trips when the weather isn't so cold and unpredictable.

Enjoying a Road Trip project

The stress-free A+ science test
Amber took another Math test this week and she did just fine.  We don't bother to study for them since they occur so often in Saxon Math and she is great in Math.  Amber did take her first Science test this week.  We had a blast studying the chapter on Electricity and Magnetism and I was sorry to see it end.  This was not only Amber's first test in Science with me as her teacher, but it was also her first test in one of the subjects that usually required some studying.  I was a little anxious to see how this would go.  I opted to not give her a study guide days ahead of the test.  Instead, I gave an open book test that required her to know just about everything in order to complete the test in the allotted time. She even answered the analytical bonus questions entirely correct.  We were both pleased with this type of testing.  I used the test that came with the curriculum, so it wasn't tailored to Amber's specific knowledge of the chapter. 

The week was pretty busy since we opted to take Friday off as it would have been in her parochial school.  We are sticking to the parochial schedule for the remainder of this year.  Some of the days we already have plans and other days are holidays that we would want to take off anyway.  Next year will be our own schedule.  Even though we took Friday as a non-school day she did do extra work during the week to account for a little of the missed day.  She also played quite a bit with her snap circuits today, just because they are fun. 

This week I've been trying to think more about the curriculum for next year.  There is a great deal that I have learned already from using her parochial school curriculum and I wanted to look ahead with those thoughts in mind.  It also helps to know that there is curriculum out there that is better suited for our use than what we are currently using for the remainder of 4th grade.

The Latin curriculum arrived this week as well and I have reviewed it and prepared for us to start next week.  Amber is overly excited about starting. She truly has missed taking a foreign language and can't wait to try something new.  I am so proud of her for being willing to take this adventurous journey.  Neither of us are adventurous at heart, so this is quite a leap of faith for us both.

This week was a great week, again.  I still can't believe that we are homeschooling, but we are all continuing to enjoy this new life and we find countless new blessings each day.

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  1. Sounds like a great week! Glad things are going so well for you!