Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To Change or Not to Change

We've already become frustrated with the Social Studies Regions curriculum.  More correctly, I should say that I've become frustrated with it. Apparently, Amber was frustrated with it all year. She normally loves Social Studies, but when I started questioning her about the use of this curriculum in her parochial classroom she informed me that it had been boring all year.  Yes, there were a few projects here and there that were mildly interesting. However, on the whole this has been a dull year for Social Studies.

While I am not thrilled to hear this, it makes me feel a little better about the way we are using it here at home.  I do have the teacher's manual and it still isn't very helpful. We just find it boring and lacking any detailed information. It is not on the level of the Social Studies curriculum that she used 1st - 3rd grades.

Now we face the dilemma of whether to change curriculum in mid February or to just finish it.  Keeping in mind that she also has to finish up the Missouri history part of Social Studies and that curriculum is perfectly engaging and acceptable.

I guess another alternative is to just supplement the Social Studies Regions curriculum.  Still, how much is too much supplementing?  I can just do random supplementing for each of the remaining regions.  I also found a cute online curriculum called Road Trip USA  that could be used to supplement the remaining regions.  I can view just a sample without purchasing, but it's only $18 for the download.  The sample looks like it basically has activity ideas and then good reading resources to use for each region.  It might be worth the $18 to not have to come up with the resources on my own and just go get the appropriate ones from the library or Amazon.  My only concern is the age level. This might be a bit young for Amber.  What we are doing is terribly boring though.

This has also made me think about next year a little more.  I had planned out next year already, at least I thought I had. Now, I'm concerned about what I had chosen.  I'm writing up my ideas for 5th grade in a separate page.  I thought Social Studies / History was decided, but now I'm leaning towards an entirely different product to try and make up for the loss this year.  I really am not pleased with the study of the regions that they did. 

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