Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekly Review

So this week was supposed to be our first week of doing every subject, every day.  Amber's first week we decided to take it easy and only do a few subjects, so that she and I could both have a chance to ease into this new schedule.  We ended up doing a lot more that first week than planned, but still the second week was to be the real test. It turned out to be a pretty easy week, but it did test our flexibility. 

Monday went really well, especially since it is normally scheduled to be a full day and we have to be on time for Amber's chimes choir practice at church in the middle of the afternoon.  I also do laundry on Mondays and a whole host of other house keeping items.  I just can't start out the week with a filthy house.  That's one thing that I can't do, I can't let the housework go.  I'm terribly OCD about it all. I can't live in a dirty or cluttered house. I go bonkers.

Monday we made all the subjects on time and everything went great. No problem with assignments or the material. We even did a circuits lab in science that Amber loved.  I know I am overlapping a bit with what she did in her parochial school, but it was so hard to plan things out not know exactly where they had stopped. Besides, she loves circuits and so do I and this works out great for us.  We have had a lot of great discussions about circuits and electricity this week.  Her first circuit lab was a basic circuit using the Snap Circuits kit.  She built a fan that spun a disk into the air.  She had a blast building it and talking about what would not work and why.  She even played around and built her own circuit to turn it into a fan that blew air, instead of spinning the disk into the air - which nearly hit a curious kitty head one time.

Tuesday also went great.  It was a little bit lighter in school work and almost no housework to be done.  She does have dance Tuesday evenings, but we are finished with school long before then. It is only a matter of managing to get dinner on the table early enough to make it to dance.  For all that I was raised eating an early dinner, we eat almost too late around here.  We also realized on Tuesday that our plans for Friday would mean school on the weekend unless she added a little more work to each day during the week.  She managed to get an extra Social Studies session in on Tuesday just to show me she could adapt.  Amber and I also had a fun girls' lunch out at a cafe just a mile from the house. We are still baffled that we never have gone in there before. It was a yummy lunch and we had a wonderful time during our mid day break.

Wednesday was action packed and busy. Amber and I had separate plans for the early afternoon, which meant school had to get going on time in the morning - it usually does.  She got everything done before lunch including her extra science session in for the week. Yay! She is really making progress.  After lunch Amber's grandparents (Fred's parents) came over to play games and entertain her for a while.  They call it a play date.  During the summers they liked to do this once a week and now that she is homeschooled they want to do this again.  I don't have a problem with it.  I get to go out and continue my lunch with friends.  It gives us both time away from each other before we really critically need it.  After we both had our play times on Wednesday we finished the day with a little bit of art class doing a Valentine's project.

Thursday we had our morning devotion and religion class and then headed into my parents house.  They don't live too far away.  My mom is the caretaker for my dad, who can no longer be left alone.  Mentally he is fine (we joke about it sometimes, but he is mentally sound).  He has a slowly degrading physical condition and can't take care of himself anymore.  It has gotten where my mom can't even get groceries and leave him alone for that short of a period. Amber and I will now be having our classes at their house one morning a week.  Usually we will be there on Fridays but this week was abnormal because of our big plans for Friday.  Thursday became Grandma's shopping day and our Grandpa-sitting.  Amber was again ready to start her work as soon as we arrived. She sat down in their kitchen and got to working on the first subject. We managed to do math, social studies, and reading while at their house.  Once we were home she finished langauage where she is editing a paper.  Then we did our science for the day and we were done just in time to head off for Amber's last private swimming lesson, dinner and dance class.

Friday finally came and it was the big day.  Amber and I picked up her cousin, Spencer, in the morning and we had him for with us most of the day. He and Amber played together sweetly despite their 5 year age difference. Fred arrived home early and barely in time for us to leave for the Phineas and Ferb Live show.  Amber had been anxiously awaiting this day since I bought the tickets only a week earlier.  I almost dropped the ball on this one.  I knew she wanted to go, I simply didn't realize they were coming to our city.  Oddly enough I never saw any ads for the show. Thankfully a friend mentioned it in passing. It turned out we had awesome seats despite my lack of planning.  The two kids had a fun day and we still managed to get in a little bit of school in the morning.  However, the only truly notable fact about Friday was that my child was sublimely happy watching Phineas and Ferb.

Magnet & compass lab
We were still short one science lesson for the week, and that had to get done on Saturday. While I don't want this to be a pattern, I really liked the schedule we had for science for the next few weeks and didn't want to upset it by pushing everything back one day. Our Saturday science was a fun lab with magnets. Amber had more fun with the lab than she usually does playing any of the board games she kept suggesting as an alternative to science.  It worked out this tine to hold off on the lesson and wait for Saturday rather than trying to squeeze it all in during the week.

That is the review of this week.  No real academic hiccups or problems, just a busy week.

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