Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We're flexible, right?

Having our carpets cleaned didn't seem like such a big deal when I scheduled it, but it has turned into an exercise in flexibility today.

Amber & Biscotti on a happy President's Day
Depending on the day, Amber often has the majority of her school work done before lunch.  She always has school in the afternoons, but it is only a couple of subjects.  After a morning of work, she takes a break at 11 or 11:30 am and starts back again at 1 pm.  The carpet cleaners were scheduled today at Noon, so I figured Amber could just work until closer to Noon so that most of her work was done before they arrived. Then, she could take the afternoon off until they were finished.  In my head this schedule was really going to work.  I had forgotten that after having both Friday and Monday as vacation days, neither of us was going to be ready for an off schedule day.

Last night we began the task of moving items off the floors and preparing the house for our cleaners.  Desk chairs had to be moved.  Computer towers can't really sit on the wet carpets.  It was at this point that I realized it would be fairly difficult to have school upstairs and then rush to put the remaining items away when the cleaners arrived.  Additionally, Amber couldn't tolerate having her room cleaned out last night, it was just too much. That meant her room was going to be picked up this morning too.

I'm flexible, I can change the plans at the last minute and make it work.

I planned on getting up at normal time and cleaning up what still wasn't ready and then helping Amber set up for school in the kitchen instead of our nice school area.  That wasn't too big of a change from the original plan.

That plan didn't work either, thanks to my insomnia.  I've learned to live on less sleep and be grumpy.  But really, some sleep last night would have been nice.  I didn't sleep, at all.  Not a wink until Fred got up for work this morning.  Of course, then I could sleep.  I had 40 minutes left before I was due up. I was cranky, had a headache and definitely needed more sleep to deal with the day.  I reset the alarm for an extra hour and finally got a little bit of rest.

I enjoyed my 1 hour and 40 minutes of fitful sleep enough that it was alright for us to be behind for the morning.

Amber had talked me into letting her shower this morning rather than last night because the weather is warmer and she could have a wet ponytail in her hair, so it wouldn't take too long to shower.  The logic of a 10 year old sometimes baffles me, still I agreed.  Now that it was morning I remembered why the evening showers are better year round, wet hair or not.  Amber just can not shower in a reasonable amount of time.  I was nearly ready for the day having showered, completed makeup, dried my hair and half curled it before she managed to meander over to my room for help with her hair. 

Normally, school starts promptly at 9 am.  Today it started at 10:20 and it was a pathetic start.  Amber was randomly working on things that didn't need me for the first hour until I had the house and the cat both ready for the carpet people. 

This is one of the perks of homeschooling, right? We can start and stop when needed on specific days.  We can adapt to changes in our schedule and make it work for us.   Only, it turns out, we need to have different personalities for this flexible schedule to work. Or perhaps all we need is more experience at being flexible.  Whatever the reason, today hasn't worked out as well as I thought it could.

It's not just our slow start that is the problem today.  I'm going bonkers with the clutter in the kitchen.  Amber is having trouble staying focused sitting near the patio door.  Not to mention the noise of the carpet cleaners.  We both had a headache before they arrived. We have both now taken Tylenol.  This really wasn't our best plan ever.

On top of it all, Amber was to start Latin today.  I know, the school schedule for today was overly optimistic. We might be able to try a very simple introduction to Latin this afternoon while we are still stuck in the kitchen waiting for the carpets to dry.  Amber is so enthusiastic about her foreign language that she asks after each subject if we can do Latin next.  Silly girl thinks we can start her foreign language lessons with the buffing and sucking noises of the carpet cleaner reverberating throughout the house.

I do have to say she has been a little trooper today without any complaints.  Breakfast was late, lunch was late and pretty boring considering we are stuck in the kitchen and I had no other task to distract me.  She had to do her subjects out of order and wait between each subject, patiently, for me to decide what she could do next without a lot of help from me.  Amber is a very schedule oriented child and the idea of rolling with the changes never occurs to her.  This makes me even more appreciative of her cooperation today.

We made it through Latin today.
The noise was crazy loud and made us both a bit short tempered, but thankfully it all stopped as I am writing this.  My carpets look clean and fluffy and I'm a happy neurotic cleaner again.  I even love the smell of clean carpets.  It might have been worth the stress of the day, maybe.

It's now close to the normal end of our school day and there is still science and Latin left to do along with a complete rewrite of her handwriting assignment.  I'm thrilled that she likes to write on the topics I give her, but it is foremost a handwriting assignment and she tends to forget that small detail. Still it could have gone worse today, especially as I am not the most pleasant of parents when tired with an exhaustion induced migraine that has been fed by the caffeine needed to keep me awake.

Perhaps in the future I will try to remember that we are flexible, but for us that probably will mean we skip school for that portion of the day instead of relocating school.

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