Friday, March 9, 2012

In Principio Erat Verbum - Weekly Wrapup

Mother, it's just dance!
It's another week and time to reflect back and see what we accomplished this week.  Since I can barely remember back as far as Monday, it must have been a fairly busy week.

We did start the new Social Studies curriculum this week and it is going well. I posted about that earlier in the week after seeing how great it was going.  Amber took her first self quiz today and got all but one question correct.  I assume that means it is a definite keeper for now.

Amber had all of her regular activities this week, chimes choir practice and 2 evenings of dance classes, along with attempting to deliver Girl Scout cookies.  It felt like we didn't have any rest, except during the school day.

The weather here on Tuesday was wonderful and we have been unavoidably busy on the previous unseasonably fair days.  I declared Tuesday a half day of school for us and after a couple of morning lessons Amber and I headed out for lunch and shopping.  We had a good time picking out some colorful spring outfits for Amber, since the child outgrew almost every item of clothing that wasn't long sleeve or jeans.  Later in the afternoon we played some basketball and made a small craft.  It was an all around enjoyable day.

It went in!
On Wednesday Amber started her weather log for science. She will be tracking the weather conditions at a set time each day and the forecast for the next day using WeatherBug on her iPod. Then, she is comparing the actual conditions with the forecast from the day before.  She is learning a lot about how weather forecasts come together. Later during our study, Amber is going to visit my sister at work (she's a news anchor) and see the weather center of a news station in action!
She is terribly proud of this log
Amber also started watching a TV series I purchased for her from Amazon called Liberty's Kids.  I know, everybody has heard of it or seen it.  I had even seen it a while back.  It took me a few years to remember that I wanted Amber to watch this. She has LOVED every episode so far and begs for time to watch more. Yippie! - another winner this week.

Wednesday we started the part of English / Grammar that seemed to have been lost at the parochial school - descriptive writing. We had been studying how to write descriptively for several days and finally the time came to put words down. The topic was to describe an outdoor place, specifically our backyard. Amber choose to use a sense chart for her pre-writing thoughts organization.  I must say that the rough draft was nothing short of amazing given how she had been writing at school for the past year and a half.  Her first school had a much better handle on writing, but from 3rd grade and up the small amount of writing assignments came with almost no instruction.  I knew Amber had it in her to write so much better, she just needed a little guidance and a few reminders.  She is still working on the final draft, but I am entirely impressed with her descriptive writing abilities.

Amber also lost 2 of her 6 remaining baby teeth on Wednesday, one at lunch and one at dinner, and unfortunately they were both molars.  The orthodontist wasn't going to be pleased at the timing on this.
She's thrilled with the sleeves
One of the new outfits
Wednesday, I also talked myself in and out of buying a new iPad several times. Then, there was the selection of model. That was a major decision in itself and resulted in one of the times I just gave up and decided to not get one.  In the end, I pre-ordered a new iPad without the 4G capability.  The data plans are just crazy. We will probably always have wifi where I take it.  If not, well, the iPad data plan costs the same as to switch my iPhone 4S (that is grandfathered into my very old unlimited data plan) over to a plan that allows for tethering and then tether the iPad to my iPhone.  With the tethering scenario I also save myself the cost of the iPad with the 4G hardware while still getting to use the 4G.  I still think I will only need wifi.

Whew, Wednesday was a pretty eventful day around here!

I took Amber for the scheduled orthodontic follow-up on Thursday where they detailed exactly what was needed to correct Amber's plethora of orthodontic oddities.  Full orthodontics are to start in less than 2 weeks. He would have preferred sooner, there just wasn't any open appointments.  They did actually try to start the process on Thursday by attempting to install the 2 spacing rubberbands needed prior to the braces. Turned out Amber didn't need the spacing bands because the two remaining baby molars were so loose that space to move around them isn't an issue.  Amber got a small reprieve to chew gum and eat sticky food for another 10 days.

The rest of Thursday was filled with our usual subjects and more study of storms and how to be prepared. We had talked about what is needed for a storm kit on Wednesday.  Then on our way home from the orthodontist we stopped at the grocery store for food (I do cook occasionally) and items that we needed to replenish our storm kit.

Thursday afternoon we completely emptied our old storm kit, instead of adding to it as I had been doing.  It was pretty obvious what I had been doing because many of the things were quite dated, and not like out of date water or food. Those items I remove and replace yearly.  I am referring to things like pullups, baby wipes, disposable bibs, coloring books for the very young.  Things that I never bothered to remove even when we didn't need them anymore.  Amber got a big kick out of seeing the random items I had in there from when she was small.
She got caught playing with kitty at bed time.
Friday, today, is the end of 3rd quarter for us and that also means it is the first report card that I have issued Amber.  She was nervous about how her grades would be.  She is somewhat of a perfectionist (I have no idea where she might have gotten it) and has always gotten straight A's, not even a single A-, from her parochial schools that use non-standard grading systems. We choose to continue with the same grading system, so 95% is the lowest A and 93% is the lowest A-.  The scale goes on from there. 

Amber knew I wasn't going to give her A's just because she wanted them.  It was touch and go with math because she gets lazy and doesn't want to check her work and she makes the same silly mistakes that everybody does.  You know the ones where 2+2=7, for no discernable reason except that your brain hiccuped when you had to write the 4 and it came out 7.   Still, she made all A's again by skin of her teeth.  Lucky duck.

I did try to make the report card part of the day fun, though. I had never completely setup all the information in my homeschool tracking software.  Our school didn't have a name or a Bible verse and all the reports were using Ariel font, not that it's bad. It's just boring to use everywhere.

Amber finally gave her school a name.  You must understand we are, neither one, extremely inventive or creative.  Her school is now named "Hard Working Student Homeschool (HWSH)". She plans to use the acronym.  I asked if maybe we could call it "Happy Student Homeschool" and she said "It makes it sound like we goof off all day and that's not at all how school should be".  Hmm.  I did check that she doesn't feel over worked. She just wanted to convey that she was a serious student still and working at her studies.  Ok, at least she likes the name.

Amber also came up with the Bible verse theme for the school - at least for this year. Her parochial schools have a different Bible verse theme for each year.  Amber's, this year, is "In the beginning was the Word (In principio erat Verbum) John 1:1".  She HAD to have the Latin translation because she actually knew it.  She spelled it out for me from her head (my vocabulary in Latin is falling far behind hers).

Trying to eat with 3 missing molars.
The funniest thing of the week had to be the trip to the grocery store. Amber talked crazy out of the side of her mouth the WHOLE time we were there. Finally, I had to ask what had brought this on.  Seems when the orthodontic assistant attempted to put in the spacing rubberbands the process loosed an already loose molar and it became VERY loose. Amber then wiggled the tooth during the car ride to the grocery store.  It had become so loose that talking was moving the tooth and Amber feared it would fall out right there in the dairy aisle, or worse - fall out and bleed!.  The child is quite a chatterbox and it was the silliest thing to see her talking out of one corner of her mouth the entire duration of our grocery expedition.

As soon as we were home, I took the tooth out. It just required a touch, no pulling needed.  That made 3 molars in less than 24 hours.  Our poor tooth fairy is going broke.

Overall, this has been a pretty good week.  It definitely was never a boring week and we seem to have finally hit a good rhythm for our lessons even on days when we have appointments.  I'm honestly looking forward to see what next week brings us.


  1. Great week! Love the talking out the side of her mouth story!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! It was a pretty good week.