Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: How You Are Changing, Girls Edition

I had already decided, before beginning our homeschool time, that I wanted to talk to Amber about the upcoming changes to her body before her school did.  I didn't mind the school having a class on sex education, it is a parochial school and I felt it would be handled well.  I simply wanted the chance to talk to my daughter first.

I did some research and had decided on the series by Concordia Publishing House.  Amber was definitely too old for the first book in the series.  The 2nd and 3rd books were right around Amber's age and I opted to use both.  I can now say, the 2nd book was a good introduction and helped us to prepare ourselves for the topic, but it really wasn't very informational for a 10 year old girl.

The 3rd book is titled How You Are Changing.  The series is divided into girl and boy editions and while the girl edition deals primarily with how a girl's body will change and the responsibilities she will have, it also talks a little about how boys are changing and how their bodies also work.

The book is designed for 10 to 12 year old girls and provides all the necessary facts for girls that are growing into women.  There are even some illustrations to help with understanding.  It presents some of the information as straightforward, factual paragraphs. Other information is presented as answers to questions girls of this age might have. 

It not only deals with the physical changes girls face, but also with some of the emotional feelings they will have, situations they will be dealing with and relationships with others. 

How You Are Changing is presented from a Christian perspective and teaches girls to respect their bodies and how God wants us to act. The details on relationships are mainly left for the next book geared toward early teenage years, however this level does touch briefly on relationships.

The format of the book allows for a child to read it themselves or to read it with a parent. We choose to read it together and talk about each topic as we read. 

In our opinion, How You Are Changing is an appropriate book to introduce girls to the changes they will face as their body grows out of the young child stage.

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