Friday, April 20, 2012

The Week We Overslept

Final day of Spring Break
After 3 weeks of testing, celebrating and Spring Break, the return to our normal schedule was quite a shock to both Amber and me.  We've had a bit of trouble getting motivated in the morning and our grand plan of starting on time at 9 am failed and we were barely able to start by 9:45 most days.

I also spent a lot of this week planning for 5th grade next year.  We've been debating a 4 or 5 day school week, with the 5th day being catch-up day / special classes day.  We also are considering going to a year-round type of school schedule.

The most frustrating part of planning has been my search for curriculum.  I've waffled on a lot of subjects and changed my mind many times.  However, I've yet to even find one curriculum for Religion class (see this post for details). If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Monday we all had great plans and high hopes for the day. We felt rejuvenated and ready to start back on the last few weeks of school.  It started out with us both oversleeping by an hour.  We did managed to get everything finished before Amber had to leave for chimes choir practice, but just barely.

Starting this week, we have added an additional math test to Amber's math lessons each day. We decided to have Amber try to test through Saxon Math 6/5 (background post).  We received the curriculum last week and it looks ridiculously easy for Amber.  I have identified a few lessons that we will review no matter how she tests, but most of it she already knows well. 

Tuesday began the real downward spiral for the week. Amber had a morning eye doctor appointment and we managed to squeeze in religion and the extra math test before going and that was it. Eventually, the rest of the day fell into place but it was long, especially since Amber had dance that evening too.  At least dance is coming along nicely and she is just about ready for recital in all 4 of her dances.

I had an appointment on Wednesday morning and Fred's parents stayed with Amber.  Again, we managed religion and the extra math test before they arrived.  Unfortunately for our schedule, Fred's parents wanted to have lunch out and continue to play with Amber for a while after I returned home.  We got almost nothing done on Wednesday and most of it was shifted to another day.
Copywork, and she's not happy about it
The positive side to Wednesday was that we began copywork. It seems an odd time to start something new, but I was at my wits end.  Amber has lovely writing, or she can.  She has gotten into this funk lately where she won't write neatly for anything. We had been doing handwriting as a journal on topics drawn from a bowl.  She became more concerned with getting enough words in to fill the page than making it neat.  I realized something had to change after losing my temper over the handwriting on Monday.  Along came a post on another blog about a copywork assignment.  Perfect.  We are using the Bible verse that goes with the religion class lesson for the day as her copywork.  This was not a positive addition in Amber's mind.  In my mind, things are going better.  The copywork was much neater than the journal entries have been.

We had another slow start on Thursday and Friday, but at least there were no appointments to hinder our progress.  Thursday was also Biscotti's first birthday. Happy Birthday to kitty.  We celebrated by giving him extra play time with Amber, freeze dried chicken treats and a couple of new toys.  Other than that, it was kitty life as usual.
The Birthday Kitty
Amber is still studying the Revolutionary War and the early United States government.  I can't say enough good things about the quick biography lessons and activities in Profiles from History (see review).  If I had to pick a favorite resource for the week, then that would be it. That might even be the favorite for the month.  She can't wait each day to finish her main history lesson so she can get to the biography portion.  If only she was so excited by reading comprehension worksheets.

Now that it's Friday, we are just thrilled to have made it through the week with a full load of school work.   Amber is just finishing up the day so that she can meet a friend for swimming at the indoor pool at our gym.  I hope it doesn't storm though, they do close the indoor pool during thunderstorms.  We've had wonderful weather all week, but today it is rainy with a chance of storms.  I guess the girls will have to find something else to do if it does storm.

I hope everyone else had a good week and enjoys their weekend.

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  1. Phew! What a busy week for you both! A lot accomplished!

    I keep going up-and-down with different curricula for next year too! You'd think after 8 years I would would this down, but every year is a new one! And the choices seem to be more and more!

    Cute spring photo! Love the little stuffy under her arm! :D

  2. That's the Easter Webkinz she desperately needed. ;)

    I thought I had the curricula all planned out several months ago, but the more blogs I read with reviews of the wonderful curricula others are using the more I keep looking.

    Amber's standardized test scores came back today and they weren't that helpful either. I was really hoping they would guide me in a direction.

  3. We have had weeks like those too. It feels like you can't get traction no matter how hard you try.

    As for a Bible resource, we used Standing Strong (purchased through Sonlight) at the beginning of the year with our fifth grade and loved it. Now he is working through Apologia's Who is God text and workbook. We have been pleased with both curricula. Hope that helps :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Sounds like a very busy week! Thanks for linking up with Favorite Resources...Profiles from History looks like a good resource. My girls love reading biographies :)