Monday, June 25, 2012

Almost Back to Normal

I finally have two spare seconds to update this.

We've been through a whirlwind, but my husband finally came home from the hospital on June 4th after successful surgery to remove the tumor that started all the problems. 

He was very weak at first and hardly had the energy to move from one room to the next.  He has gained strength and ability at an amazing rate and today is almost back to his normal self, just about 20 pounds lighter still.

He has been cleared to return to work on July 2nd, thankfully. He is going stir crazy around the house. We have been trying to do a few local outings, just as a family.  It is hard though, because we aren't sure exactly when Fred will run out of energy.  It all has to be things that we can just stop and return home. 

The last few days we have been able to do more though, and even spent a day shopping and walking through historic St. Charles, MO.  It is one of Amber's favorite places to go.

After ice cream in St. Charles.  Yum!
Fred has been practicing driving for the last couple of days and even drove all 3 of us to the local gym for his daily walk / workout.  I'm still acting like his extra eyes when he drives, but he is doing just fine.  He's got this down.

We are so thankful to God for his return.  I'm not sure if we will ever understand the reason for all of this, but we have all come through it and now it seems like a strange dream that couldn't possibly really have happened.

During all of this Amber's 5th grade curriculum has arrived and I've managed to go through it and actually create lesson plans.  We intend to start back to school on August 1st!

Amber has been keeping up with her math to finish the few lessons in Saxon 6/5 that she didn't pass on the tests.  She did managed to test almost entirely through the whole year of math.  She is also doing a little history to keep that fresh in her mind and to help with a time crunch we will have during the school year.  We had a few too many lessons for the year, but she didn't want to give up any of the topics we planned to study. 

That's our update for June, I guess.  Hopefully, time will allow more updates in the future.


  1. Hi Christy,

    I'm so happy to hear how things are going! You've been in my thoughts when I go through my daily blogs. How wonderful to be getting back to some semblance of normal. I'm so happy for your family, that your dh has recovered so well and you can put this frightening episode behind you as you prepare for fall lessons. Good luck to him getting back to work!

    1. Thanks! It has been surreal. It's almost like nothing has happened, except we all are still a little shell shocked from it. Amber has some issues to deal with; she tends to bottle up emotional problems. But we are working through them now.

      I'm just so happy she is homeschooled. I'm not sure how we would have handled the end of school or how I would have her ready to go back to the stress of school in time.