Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nutcracker Study

This is really just a general outline of what we have planned for our study of the Nutcracker Ballet, which will end with attending a performance of the Nutcracker by Saint Louis Ballet.

I started with a free online Nutcracker study guide / outline.  It looks to be geared toward children younger than Amber, but it has some good ideas,  a few links to listen to the music, and websites to learn more about Tchaikovsky. 

We are going to listen to the four Classics for Kids shows on Tchaikovsky. It includes a show just on the Nutcracker and other shows about the composer himself.

There is also a website with an outline of the story, along with the complete Nutcracker music.  I plan to use this as background music during various study times and to introduce the story.

Amber will work on a timeline for Tchaikovsky, including the progression of countries where the Nutcracker was performed. 

We are also going to look at how the story was adapted from the original book, and contrast the two plots.

I also purchased:

Peter Tchaikovsky (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers)  - to add details to the website biographies.

The Nutcracker Ballet by Vladimir Vagin.  It looks to be very much below Amber's age, but the pictures and story will help bring the ballet to life for her and make this a more engaging study.  Also, hopefully, the performance we see will make more sense to her too.

Nutcracker Ballet Color Book - Just because once in a while you want something fun and silly to do.  I thought she could color while listening too.  She still enjoys coloring, once in a while. (The books were also a 4 for 3 deal at Amazon)

The Nutcracker Suite - Piano Music.  Amber plays piano and from what I could see this looks to be about her level (I hope).  I thought
she might enjoy playing the music herself for a couple of weeks.

I also plan for Amber to make some clothes pin Nutcrackers as an art project, unless I find a better kit available at Michael's.  

Hopefully, I can put this into more detailed plans before the time comes to actually begin.  Otherwise, my OCD need for order and lesson plans is going to drive us all crazy.

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