Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dance Recital Week!

This is a short update this week, not because we didn't do much, but because we did so much that I have almost no time left to write anything.

Lunch (er.. mid-afternoon meal) at Cracker Barrel.  We ran so many errands that day for last minute dance items and Christmas gifts. Her eyes were bigger than her stomach.  :-)
Amber finished the Nutcracker study on Monday, as well as having her Girl Scout Christmas party.  It was a good day for her.  Thankfully, Sunday had been the worst day of my cold, so I was able to manage all the driving for both Chimes practice and the GS party.  I wasn't chipper, but we made it.

Tuesday, Amber started her study of A Christmas Carol.  Originally, it was going to be a bigger study than we have decided to do.  Instead of an all encompassing study, we are just doing the literature portion of it.  We really need to have some lighter days, so the study of A Christmas Carol has been down sized.

Nutcracker Project.  It was more fun than either of us expected.

Math, Science, Latin, History, and Grammar all finished for the semester.  We only have 2 more days of literature study and then Amber is entirely done until January 7th.  Yippie for us all.  We may do some fun winter / Christmas science experiments but they are not required and not even on topic for our current science unit.

Next week we will start our Christmas baking and finish up several Christmas projects. The extra-curricular activities are finally slowing down for us.  Just in time too. Whew!

(L) Playing Narnia Monopoly, and angry because I landed on and purchased Cair Paravel (equivalent to Boardwalk)
(R) A new knitted hat from her pen pal Keilee. Thanks! She's been wearing it everywhere. 

Dance classes this week were all in preparation for recital last night.  Every dance went great, including Amber's first solo. She was terribly nervous about the solo, but thankfully I was volunteering as a dancer wrangler (I pulled the kids from stage after each dance) and was able to be with her before the dance to give her a hug.  My volunteer job also meant I watched all of Amber's dances from the side curtains.  Best seats in the house :-)

Unfortunately, I took no pictures, not even before we left our house. I know, bad mom.  I'm not sure how this happened... well I do. We left in a hurry due to the hours (literally) it took to do her hair in the layered hair styles that we gradually progressed to through recital.  Then at recital, Amber had such quick changes of costume that she was barely dressed when they were calling her dances to stage.  There was no time for pictures, only time to change clothes, over and over and over, again.  Thankfully, Fred videoed 4 of her 5 dances, so at least we will have that before the formal video is available.

(This is a very bad video taken in the dark with Fred's iPhone.. but it's Amber's solo dance at recital)

This weekend Amber has another chimes performance and we are attending a performance of the Nutcracker by St. Louis Ballet.  Yay!  Can't wait. 

Everyone who is now on Christmas break, have a wonderful time off.  We are looking forward to our break in two days!!

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  1. Christy I read this a week ago and thought I had commented! I love your week. Kei and I watched the video. What a great job she did. I wish we could have seen it in person. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Love and hugs.

  2. Thanks Karen, it was a great Christmas. I hope you both had a wonderful Christmas too!