Friday, March 1, 2013

World's Fair Field Trip Week, Finally

It's snowing again this afternoon after snowing on and off all week. I do believe the groundhog was a bit confused about his role in weather prediction.  We haven't had much accumulated snow to show for this week, but we still have a couple of inches left from last week.  Less than 90 miles away, where my sister lives, they received an additional 10 inches of snow earlier this week when all we had was rain and some flurries.  In actuality, I think the rain / snow dividing line was only about 20 miles from our house.  I'm a little bummed by it, but also grateful that we didn't have our schedule re-arranged again this week by snow.

Even though the snow didn't hamper us this week, it was still not a terribly productive school week.  We were busy for most of the week with rescheduled events from last week and appointments originally scheduled for this week.  I hate to say it, but I think Amber did as much work in the car this week on our way to various appointments as she did at home.

Lunch with Amber & Mom at the Elephant Bar after a field trip

Monday and Tuesday were the most productive days of the week.  Monday was a normal load, and most of it done at home too.  However, due to chimes practice and three dance classes scheduled for Mondays, it is usually only a 2/3 day anyway.  Not a huge accomplishment to have a normal day on a Monday.

Amber had her 11 year old checkup on Tuesday morning, which included shots. Oh, the anxiety and stress over shots with that child is startling.  It took 2 nurses giving her the injections in rapid succession to prevent a full blown panic attack.  And she gets to do it again in 2 months and 6 months.  Yippie.

After a blood test, the doctor decided Amber's recent issues are probably the result of metabolism and other age appropriate changes. We will go with that, until further notice.  I'm still checking her blood sugar occasionally, and it's still a bit wacky.

Mom & Amber talking about the St. Louis World's Fair map
A replica of the Fair Ferris Wheel. It could hold almost 2200 people at once.
Amber using an old-fashioned stereoscopy to view pictures of the fair
Because of the doctor visit and a desperately needed trip to the grocery store, we only accomplished about half a day of school on Tuesday.  My tracking software says we completed math, science, grammar, literature and spelling.  Of those subjects, only spelling is independent without daily instruction or discussion, yet I can't remember a single thing about Tuesday school.  Nada, zip, zilch, nothing.  Guess it's a good thing I have my handy software to track it all.

Wednesday was the school day that didn't happen.  Amber had a rough night because of the shots, and thus I had a rough night.  I was already exhausted on Tuesday, so after a nearly sleepless night I could barely function Wednesday morning.  I decided at 9:30 am when I eventually crawled out of bed that it was going to be a laundry, house cleaning and relaxing day.  My to do list is much smaller now and my house is clean, but I'm still not relaxed.  Amber on the other hand, was totally relaxed and feeling noticeably more chipper than the "shot day".

We did take the postponed field trip with my mom to the Missouri History Museum on Thursday.   We went specifically to view the exhibit on the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.  We were a little behind in taking this trip, since we are now into the Great Depression in history, but it just never fit into our schedule.

Main room of the St. Louis World's Fair exhibit.  The paintings of the fair are fantastic
I've tried to explain the grandeur of the Fair to Amber, but I could not do it justice. We also drove around Forest Park to show Amber all the buildings that were originally constructed for the World's Fair and are still in use today, like the Art Museum.  My mom told Amber a lot of stories about growing up near Forest Park as a child and taking street cars to the park.  There were even more remnants of the Fair around when my mom was a child.

Today, Amber and her friend got together again for an outing to the Painted Pot, the local paint your own art shop. This is where Amber took art classes last fall.  Both girls love to go paint ceramics there, and they are so well behaved and easy going about the whole process.  It is really a joy to take them out places.

Adding up the costs of a day at the Fair
Fair fashions.  The stroller was a big hit with Amber.
Oh, and the Girl Scout cookies were picked up today!  So now we have to start the process of delivery and Amber has a cookie booth to assist with this weekend.  I loathe cookie selling.  She loves it.

That was our not so educational, but extremely tiring week.  I'd sleep all day tomorrow if Fred was going to be home, but he's got an all day Warhammer tournament making me a single parent for the day.  Some day, I'll get a break.  Some day.

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  1. My almost 11-year-old daughter is the same way with shots and blood draws. (She doesn't even have SPD.)

    It seemed a busy, productive HANDS-ON week! Some weeks you really just need to go with the flow and whatever gets done is a bonus.

  2. We have weeks like that too, weeks that I feel we do nothing but actually looking back I see she did LEARN. :) I am so sorry about the shots, Keilee doesn't like them much either. You are so blessed to be able to do things with your Mom. I would give anything to be able to do that. I love the museum and the World's Fair exhibit! It looks like such fun. Thank you for all your comments on my blog. I always love seeing your name there. Sherlock is really, really good. I need to check out Robin Hood. Have you seen Merlin? That is one of our favorites. Happy weekend.

    1. We have seen Merlin. I watch it on Syfy, it's currently in the latest season, but I'm a few episodes behind. My DVR is backed up.

      I have already watched 2 episodes of Sherlock while working out. It's great, but I'm sad there aren't a lot of episodes.

      Thanks for the comments. We love to hear from you.

  3. It sounds like a great week to me. The world fair field trip sounds amazing.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. It looks like a wonderful week! We have weeks were it seems like all we do is run around from one event to the next. Not much traditional schooling gets done. I found your blog through The Homeschool Mother's Journal. I nominated your blog for a homeschooling blog award.

    1. Thanks, Monique. We're trying to accomplish more of the traditional schooling this week and almost succeeding.