Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Weekend We Shopped!

Summer has been sailing by quickly here, but finally we are able to enjoy it. We closed on our old house last Friday and I haven't felt this relieved in a long time. There is so much to do around our home, yet I've just felt like goofing off to enjoy the freedom of not worrying about owning multiple homes. It really wears on a body after seven years.

Amber has been enjoying a less stressed mother too.  She is playful, silly, and exactly as a carefree child should be. In celebration of our new carefree attitude, this weekend we took Amber shopping at a mall slightly farther away than the regular malls.  This particular mall boasts the only local LEGO store, and it's new to boot. We didn't intend to buy anything, but the call of the Orthanc from Lord of the Rings was too strong. Amber hasn't stopped thanking us for days. She also created 3 new mini figures that she has titled "the warrior maidens". Somehow they have taken up residence in the Orthanc and ousted Sarumon to the dungeon. I love this girl's imagination. 

Our summer school subjects have been progressing, with huge strides being made in the last portion of Latin. When I was so busy with the old house the book lessons were about all I had time to arrange. Now, that I am less frazzled, we will work on our projects and crafts again. I expect book lessons will slow some soon. 

While Latin is booming, Biology just can't seem to get any traction. We know Amber is learning though, because she gave Fred a dissertation all about fungi as they were building LEGO Treebeard, who came with the Orthanc. Treebeard has a mushroom growing on a foot, which led Amber to ramble on for a half hour about fungi. Great. Now if only we could get the freakin mold for the experiment to grow. Seriously, it can't be that hard.  I've seen it grow in this house before. Yet, I can't even find any old food with mold stuck in the way back of the fridge.  I'm about to start advertising to friends on Facebook that we need their old moldy bread. Sigh. It shouldn't be this hard. 

Last Friday was simply a wonderful day for us. The house closed, AND Amber's sensory therapy session ended with the disclosure that Amber has met all of her therapy goals. She will be transitioning out of therapy this summer to be completely finished at the start of school (not sure yet of the date... Local school district start or our start).  Hallelujah.
Skating on shaving cream.  A year ago she couldn't even walk into the building during shaving cream week.  Now she's barefoot skating in it.
I've acquired the majority of Ambers needed school items for 6th grade and feel confident in taking a planning break for a few weeks.  I think we could start school next week, if necessary.  So, I'm going to work on my home projects that have been neglected for so long. 

My first project must be to rearrange the guest bedroom to accommodate the queen bed from my room. We finally ordered our long awaited king bed! It's a Sealy Optimum gel / memory foam bed set. I know sleep number beds are all the rage, but I don't get it. I've always found them vaguely stiff and difficult to sleep on.  We tried the Tempurpedic beds too, and they were our second choice. Actually, it was Fred's first choice, but I was way too hot just doing the trial in the showroom. While it was extremely comfortable, there was simply no way I could manage to sleep on that cocoon of warmth regularly.
Refreshing iced tea break, we love Teavana.
The Optimum has cooling gel right at the top and it made me deliriously happy. I could have stayed there in the showroom all day. Actually, when the sales lady brought me a cooling pillow, I almost asked if I could nap there! Now, we wait for the headboard / footboard thing to arrive (special order), before we can have it all delivered.  Meanwhile, I spend my sleepless portions of the night planning an entire redecoration of my room and the guest room.  Perhaps I should not set such lofty goals and first clean out the donation piles from the basement.

Summer truly has begun for us now!

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  1. Huzzah for Amber! That is awesome! Oh enjoy that new bed of yours!

    Cheers to your new laid back schedule and the closing on the house! Enjoy the week.

  2. Yay for Amber! It's a great feeling when your kid transitions out of having any kind of therapy!

    Also, I love the Lego project. I would love to build it myself since I'm such a big Lord of the Rings fan :-)

  3. How awesome that you closed! Phew! That looks like a HUGE Lego set! LOL It's almost as tall as she is! Now, for bread mold, you need homemade bread! All the store stuff has so much preservatives in it that it'll take FOREVER for mold to take hold. Dampen it and seal it in a baggie and put in a warm place. How wonderful that she's met her therapy goals! I know with Sam it was bittersweet! I had come to rely on therapy to help BOTH of us! Teavana? Sounds like my kinda place!

    1. I think the moldy bread problem, or lack of mold, is the air conditioner. There's not a "warm, moist" spot in our house right now. I had to use the microwave, after microwaving water to warm it up, for rising gluten free bread yesterday.

  4. Wonderful news on the closing of your old home. I know that is a giant relief. The lego tower is very impressive.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. I'm laughing because we have a Sleep Number Bed! We bought it 11 years ago when Anna was born and just LOVE IT -- now, I haven't shopped for mattresses since then, so there may be better things out there, but I will tell you that I don't like to leave home because I have to leave my bed! ;-)

    I am so happy to hear about the sale of your home and Amber's graduation from therapy -- I know you are SO happy and relieved. I was smiling reading your post tonight!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  6. Love all the Lego stuff! So glad you sold your house. Amber is always so happy in all her pictures. I am just so happy that Amber has transitioned from therapy. I really need to check into a Latin program. It is such a useful language to know. I hope you love your new mattress! I know you will. Happy weekend Christy!! Tell Amber that Keilee says "Hello" :)

  7. I love the LEGO. We are going to Legoland, CA in the fall. This our reward for selling our house a little over two years ago. It just took this long to get it all planned. There is so much stress in selling a house. I am glad that it has closed. And congrats to Amber on completing therapy.

  8. Congratulations to Amber for making it through therapy! She looks so beautiful, happy, and healthy! It's so good to see! I can just imagine how much better you must feel too, what with Amber feeling better and the house sale all over with! Thanks for sharing at FF. I love reading your updates!