Sunday, August 18, 2013

First Day Pictures (6th Grade)

First day of school pictures have always been a rushed after thought for us, even when our daughter was in parochial school.  It was usually a quick indoor pose taken with the phone while Amber used her fingers to indicate the grade, and then we darted out the door to account for any unexpected traffic during our drive.

Even though we no longer have to fight our way to school in rush hour, we still don't put a lot of effort into our first day pictures.  Thankfully, the iPhone is always in my pocket and lets me snap a first day picture no matter how increasingly forgetful I can be.

1.  Amber's first outdoor school picture, umm, ever.  For pre-school and Kindergarten we didn't try and it was really hot outside by the time we left.  In elementary school, Amber started wearing Transitions eye glasses that tinted in the sunlight.  Those glasses are so wonderfully convenient, but do not make for great outdoors pictures.  Now that Amber wears contacts, she was finally able to take some very nice outdoor school pictures.

2.  The standard indoor school picture.  We had to have a matched set, with still damp /wet hair just like almost every other year.  

3.   Using the new dry erase wall to welcome Amber to middle school!

4.  First science experiment of the year.  Amber was not thrilled with collecting the worms.  At least her hair is finally dry.

That's the sum total of our first day photos!  We're just as pathetic at photography as homeschoolers as we were as a parochial school family.  Some things never change.

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  1. Such a lovely young lady! I'm cracking up over the worms.

    Popping in from the blog hop.