Friday, August 9, 2013

Middle School Days Are Here!

It happened, my baby started middle school this weekSixth grade.  In Amber's words, "Mom, I'm a big girl now, not your little girl".  She was lamenting the fact while trying to tell me to treat her like a big girl.  Amber is such a contradiction at times.

Our first day started a little later in the morning than I'd planned, basically because Amber is still feeling quite yucky and I've managed to catch a summer cold.  Nobody was ready for school at 8:30 on Wednesday morning.  We were ready for first day pictures by 9:40 am though and that was close enough. 
First day of Sixth Grade!

I did quickly revamp my plans for our short week after realizing they were a bit over-zealous given our various illnesses right now.  We were able to finish at least one session of every subject during our first three days, however it was a great deal less school than originally planned.

Amber absolutely loved history using The Mystery of History Vol. I as the spine for our ancient study.  She was even enthusiastic about her map work, using Map Trek.  The girl added extra items to her map, "because they are interesting places".  If the whole year can go this way, I will be in awe.

However, Amber has declared Literature to be her favorite subject right now since we are reading The Hobbit.  This was not a big shock to anyone, but I was floored on Thursday when I called Amber to her desk for grammar and she responded with "Yippie!".  Seriously? Who is this child?

Biology worm experiment (ewww) and grammar with a curious kitty (Rosetta)

In Biology this week we collected worms in a soda bottle layered with sand, dirt, and crushed leaves.  The idea was to see them do their natural job of mixing it all together.  Amber was entirely disguised by the worms and wanted nothing to do with the bottle after I deposited the worms.  She wouldn't even dig in the flower garden for the worms, being too afraid she might find one.  Sigh.  That was the point.

There was lots of imaginative play this week, at least.  Amber has been obsessing with her pretend cooking toys lately.  I think it is because I mentioned removing them from the playroom, so now she feels the need to show me that those toys are indeed still used.  We also had lots of fun with the multitude of Barbies.  It's been ages since she asked me to play Barbies with her, and I jumped at the chance.

Laser Tag at a cousin's birthday party.  Amber came in second, not bad for her first time.
Baker Amber!

Amber still feels fairly crummy most of the time and the laxative regimen hasn't done anything to change that situation.  It has gotten to where it hurts her stomach to eat, so Amber is very reluctant to do more than nibble at most meals.  Logically, she knows she needs to eat and she really does try, yet she is still losing weight.  Being more than a little concerned, I called Amber's GI doctor mid-week and they confirmed that she should be feeling better by now.  The doctor decided to add another medication for the IBS and will check the progress at the already scheduled appointment in a little over a week.  Fred and I were not thrilled with the new medicine, but I do take a medication in the same class as was given to Amber for my own IBS & migraines, so this isn't a totally foreign concept to us.

We also took all three kitties to the vet on Thursday.  Rosetta had a re-check on the cold, which is thankfully gone, and she was able to get her booster shots.  Milori just went because he goes wherever his sister goes.  Biscotti went for an evaluation since he still isn't seeing any anxiety relief using the pheromones or from having new kitty friends.  Either or both were supposed to be a benefit to him.  Instead Biscotti is more neurotic than ever.  The vet prescribed Biscotti the exact same medication as Amber was just prescribed.  Ironically, Biscotti's costs 3 times what Amber's does.  We will see how this goes.  He may need dosage alteration in the near future, assuming I can get the liquid in him.  Our first attempt was a huge failure, and I'm not a novice at giving kitties their meds.

The three kitties can actually get along, when Biscotti wants (and is leashed). 
Milori and Rosetta are such camera hogs too.

It was a good start to the school year, even if we began a bit slower than planned.  Perhaps slow and steady is the way to go for us right now.  We're all looking forward to a relaxing weekend, with no school work and plenty of play time.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Such a cute picture of Amber -- she looks very grown up there! I think our girls at this age are really contradictions in general. Today, for example, Anna is doing every single piece of her schoolwork and complying beautifully so that she can finish at lunch time and then have time to do her 40 minutes of Wii Fit before we go swimming. WHO IS THIS CHILD? Hormones are an interesting thing, that's for sure!

    I'm praying you get Amber's medication figured out and that she can start gaining some weight, too - I know as a mother that must make you constantly uneasy.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love her First Day of School photo with the hands saying 6! What a beautiful YOUNG LADY you have there. :wink: I think they will ALWAYS be our "babies" even when they're 30 and have their own babies! LOL

    It sounds like a good start to a new year! And slow-and-steady "wins the race", right? Her great attitude despite not feeling well is AWESOME.

  3. It must be very frustrating for Amber to deal with such painful eating issues. She does look very happy despite feeling lousy. I really do hope and pray the medication helps her feel better very soon. She's a real trooper! The cats are adorable. One of them looks like our Mr. Flynnie! That's a really pretty picture of you with the kittens!

    1. You should see how many tries it takes to get a smiling picture of Amber. I probably have 20-30 tired faced pics for every good one. Usually, I say "think about curling up and sleeping", then she smiles. The pic with her outside, holding up six fingers was rough. That's the highest she could ever get the sixth finger. Most of the time it was drooping down a good foot lower than the other hand. But we don't post those pics ;-)

      Once in a while, even though she feels awful, she is really happy. Like playing a sedate game or holding her kitties. She really does have a happy disposition and a quirky sense of humor. It's hard to get her down, that's how we know when something is really wrong.

      She doesn't whine about not feeling good, but she just doesn't have the energy, or happy attitude that she did once. She is a trooper.

  4. Slow and steady is a good way to start the school year :-) I continue to pray for Amber and hope that they will be able to find the right mix of medications to get her feeling better soon

    1. Thanks for the prayers, we appreciate them all!

  5. I don't pretend to know anything about her health issues, but wonder if a liquid shake diet would be easier on her system. I am praying that the doctors will find the answer to her health. It is terrible to be in pain.
    Praying, Dawn

  6. Mystery of History is such a great curriculum. We just did the books as a read aloud in 1st and 2nd for my DD without doing any of the "extras" or written work. I'm looking forward to starting again with Vol 1 next year when my DD is in 5th and going much more in depth, (and then my younger boys will be tagging along for their first exposure to world history!).