Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our Favorite Gluten Free Recipes (so far)

We've been completely gluten free for four months now and in that time we have found a few wondrous recipes that allow us to enjoy food again.  Some of these recipes are verbatim from the creator, and some I've tweaked.  Yes, I know it's dangerous to tweak recipes of which I do not entirely comprehend how the ingredients actually work together.  I fail spectacularly at times, but there are some recipes that just will not work for our family unless I tweak them.
  1. Sorghum-Teff Thins (otherwise known as copycat Wheat Thins) - These little lovelies were an early find because Amber and I cannot live without our crackers.  What is a cheese, crackers and fruit lunch without the crackers?  Amber named them for the flours used because "GF Wheat Thins" is a bit of a contradiction.  We now just call them ST Thins.

  2. Chocolate Chip Granola Bars - These were originally supposed to be crunchy granola bars, which I used to absolutely adore.  Giving up bread wasn't the hardest part of this new life for me; it was giving up the granola bars.   Unfortunately, we found that the original recipe did not hold together for us, but by adding more honey to glue it together the results were somewhere between crunchy and chewy.  In the end, we LOVED our results.

  3. Pasta Carbonara - Oh how I missed thee.  This particular recipe originally came from Kraft, but I altered it quite a bit as we found the garlic to be overpowering - and we LOVE garlic.  The real trick though is finding the right brand of Gluten-Free pasta.  After several attempts with horrendous results, I found Organic Gluten-Free Spaghetti from Bionaturae made with rice, potato and soy.  It is reasonably priced, for GF food, and best of all our local (upscale) grocery store sells it in their GF aisle.  I so dislike having to trek to Whole Foods.  The texture and taste of this spaghetti is the closest I've found to traditional pasta.

  4. Banana Muffins - In a gluten filled galaxy far, far away we used to have homemade banana muffins or banana bread always at the ready.  It was a breakfast and snack favorite of Amber's.  She is very picky about her banana bread though - no weird mushy banana lumps shall be found.  I feared switching from our old recipe, but it didn't work well with GF flour.  This recipe is a dream come true.  Once again shall banana muffins triumph over boring GF breakfast cereal (with almond milk).

  5. GF Chocolate Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze -  These are so yummy, for cake doughnuts at least.  What I wouldn't give for a gluten-free Heaven Scent chocolate long john doughnut, but alas it is not to be.  However, if you have to go with a cake doughnut, this is the one... except for the cinnamon / sugar covered GF cake doughnut, and it is also the one (I sound like Zathras now).  This doughnut is super easy in my handy-dandy doughnut machine, and the glaze reminds me of chocolate long john icing.  I'm seriously thinking about attempting a fried doughnut with this glaze, and I fry NOTHING.

  6. GF All Purpose Flour Mix - Most GF recipes call for using your favorite GF all purpose flour.  I've tried a few pre-packed ones, but they really didn't work out.  I don't like bean flours, at all. Nope. Not gonna happen.  I've read great things about Better Batter but it's not available locally (I live in a big metro area too... oddly enough my sister lives in a smaller city and can get it) and the price online + shipping charges  are just silly.  What I have created, after eons of online research, is a GF flour mix that produces textures and flavors that we like and it works well in just about all the recipes I've tried.  I've considered trying to make a mock Better Batter flour, but I'm really fond of my mix and I've got tons of the flour on hand right now.


  1. YUM. Sounds like some delicious recipes. Thanks for sharing :) The chocolate donuts sound divine.

  2. It looks like you're doing really well on the gluten free! Look at all of the lovely things that you're making. I've considered trying it with my son with Autism, but I just haven't been able to make myself do it.

    Thanks so much for linking up this week! I'm glad that you like the new format. I'm pretty excited about it too.