Friday, November 22, 2013

Biology Is Complete! (Until High School)

This has been kinda a blah week here.  Amber still is feeling crummy and very fatigued so we took it easy all week.  We even skipped most of school today in favor of early Christmas shopping with my mom.  We'd both had enough of hanging around the house and Amber's activities; we needed out and about even if Amber felt fairly crampy in her tummy today.

The major milestone of the school week was completing Biology!! Amber has officially taken the last test in the curriculum and finished Biology for the Logic Stage.  It was a very exciting for us both to be done with a topic that was not that enjoyable to either of us. Maybe I'll even write a review of the curriculum.  That's a big maybe though.   Amber will be science-free until the new semester starts in January, excepting a small unit on Fructose Malabsorption that I still have not put together. 

(LEFT) Biology is complete!
(RIGHT-TOP) Reading after book work was complete
(RIGHT-BOTTOM) Biology with Milori's help

Amber also completed several assignments in history and wrote a narration on the Phoenicians.  We finally picked Writing With Skill up again and she completed two assignments in that as well.  Amber also wrote her letter to Santa Claus, but I'm not sure it's worth counting as part of school even though she did use proper letter writing technique, complete sentences, punctuation, etc.  I'm always so proud of Amber's letters to Santa. She starts out thanking him for the gift from the year before and giving specifics on how she has enjoyed the gift.  Then she asks about his year, his reindeer and the elves before moving into her request for the current year.  She even uses part of her letter to ask for gifts for her cats.  The letters are special a window into her personality.

Logic has been progressing and we are only three assignments away from completing the book!  It too should finish a little before the semester end, or possibly very early if she chooses to do more on some days.  I'm pleased with Amber's performance in this subject;  she has shown herself to be ready for more formal logic lessons while amazing me with her visual / spatial abilities.  She's much better than me at many of these puzzles.

Grammar was well represented this week too as we completed an entire unit in just four days.  Amber doesn't always feel like working on the more difficult subjects, but she has been willing to work for at least three hours a day on school subjects.  Some days we devoted an entire hour of that time to grammar, but it was always a good hour of learning.

(LEFT) Unhappy girl at yet another doctor's appointment
(RIGHT-TOP) Knitting more blankets for kitties at Heartland Humane Society
(RIGHT-BOTTOM) Milori, Amber's buddy and our shy cat.

Amber picked up several of her art projects this week in class and completed two others.  I'm not posting pictures right now as they are gifts for family members who may or may not read this.  I also was not allowed to stay around for art class since the girls were making gifts for their moms.   This will be one of the few years that I receive a handmade gift from Amber.  It's not that she doesn't want to make me things, but I'm usually the one who supervises the gift making.

As for Amber's health this week, well it's been pretty yucky.  She's had a headache since late last week and nausea.  The nausea turned to pain and cramping about mid week.  Amber was new to ingesting aspartame and saccharine and it appears she does not handle them well.  So, strike those off the list of acceptable sweeteners.  We also tried Stevia for about a day and either that had some pretty awful effects, or Amber ate something wrong without telling me.  We've had to step all the way back to full elimination restricts and are doing an intestine clean out at this moment.  Something irritated her intestines to where they basically stopped moving things through again.

I don't think Amber is any sicker than before, we've just had some setbacks and learned how a few things affect her body.  This is such a trial and error process.  

Amber is also being referred to the dermatologist for her foot since the bacterial infection just won't give up the fight.  As long as we put bactraban on Amber's toe it's all good, but the minute we miss a dose new blisters appear.   It's crazy.  Amber's gut problems have really affected her entire body and immune system.

(TOP) Our Thankfulness tree is growing
(BOTTOM-LEFT) My new microwave came.  It's a GE Advantium (microwave + convection oven + toaster oven + bread proofer).  It's so shiny and pretty.
(BOTTOM-RIGHT) Amber with our Operation Christmas Child boxes.  We didn't do as many this year.

We are planning to take next week as a holiday from school, except for math lessons which are seriously behind at this point.  My car has a doctor visit of its own next week too, so I may not be such a happy Christmas shopper after that day.  I also have pre-Thanksgiving cooking / baking to complete so that Amber and I can eat safely over the holiday.

Happy Weekend & Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I hate that Amber's not felt well this week, but yay on finishing up biology!!

  2. I love your new microwave!

    Christy, I am sorry Amber is having so many problems with her health - she is in my prayer journal and I will continue pray for her -- and you and your husband as you help her deal with this and figure out how to help her feel better.

    Thank goodness you homeschool.

    Hugs to you!

    1. Thanks, Mary. We appreciate all the prayers. We really are blessed though to know that God has Amber in his hands.

  3. Still praying for Amber for relief! Love the Bio completion!

  4. Christy I was so hoping that I would read that Amber felt so much better. Keilee and I pray for her every single day. I know you will find that perfect thing that works but it must be so frustrating getting there. YAY for finishing Biology. I know that is a HUGE relief. So proud of BOTH of you!! Lots of great learning things going on and I hope you both enjoy your week off. Tell Amber Keilee and I say hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

  5. We are praying for Amber. I wish she would catch a break. I hope you all have a nice relaxed holiday week.
    Blessings, Dawn

  6. Yeah for no science. I am sorry it was not the best health week praying that you will have a good weekend.

  7. I'll bet you both are really glad to be done with Biology! I hope Amber feels better this coming week and that you all have a happy healthy Thanksgiving!

  8. Congratulations on finishing Biology. Sorry to hear that Amber isn't feeling well. I understand about trying to get rid of an infection when you are immune compromised. It is tough. Philip battled a number of infections during his treatment. Each one was hard to get rid of. We will keep her in our prayers.