Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gratitude For A Twelve Year Old

The last couple of days it has hit me how grown up a 12 year old really can be.  Sometimes Amber laments not being a little bitty girl anymore, and while those years were fun this time is equally enjoyable.  I decided to make an impromptu list of why I appreciate my 12 year old. 

Why twelve year old daughters are so much fun.

  1. They are able to reason more and understand the reasons rules are set.  Associated with this is that they also understand why they are punished for breaking those rules.  They may not like the punishment, but it no longer seems somewhat random.
  2. It is just plain fun to goof off and do things together without having to constantly also care for the child in the way you care for a toddler.
  3. A twelve year old can take on more household chores.  This not only alleviates some of my jobs, but teaches her responsibility and an appreciation for the work others do.
  4. She is becoming more independent in her learning, while still needing some guidance.  I'm not sure I'll ever be comfortable sending her off to do her school work without some interaction with me, but it is great to not need to sit with her all day for every minute of every subject.
  5. At this age kids are still new to discovering literature, science and history.  Amber loves to tell me all about what she has read that fascinated her and loves to point out the cultural references to literature that she finds. 
  6. A sense of humor: it is so enjoyable to watch Amber's developing sense of humor and to be with her and experience that humor daily.  She is actually a very funny person; just not a joke teller.
  7. It's great at this age to see Amber's own sense of clothing style coming out.  Sometimes she just doesn't care, as long as it matches. Other times she has very specific ideas of how an outfit should look.  Many times I am surprised at how well the combinations work.  
  8. As an only child, Amber has always been better than I ever was at entertaining herself. Still, she is now making more of her own choices for free time entertainment, without us needing to give options.  
  9. Twelve year olds are much better at describing their feelings - physical and emotional.  I can't image how parents of very young children handle chronic conditions that depend on catching reactions early when the child can't tell you about the reaction.  
  10. My twelve year old still thinks her mom is great and wants to spend time with me.  I know this won't last forever, but I appreciate that time we do have together.



  1. I love the photo of the two of you! You both look so beautiful! This list reminds of when my older girls started growing up! It great when our kids become our friends.

  2. 9. I wish. Gauging levels of pain with my kids is a challenge. With Philip I ask if he wants pain medication. If he answer yes we probably need to see a Dr. I then ask him what type and given that he has had everything up to and including morphine that determine if we are going to the ER. Last time it was a broken foot.

    Margaret one time fell out of a tree she was trying to climb. By the time we got to the ER she was no longer crying. The Dr manipulate her arm but she didn't show enough pain for it to be broken. They decided it was a sprained elbow and x-ray that just in case. Two weeks later we followed up with our family Dr. She mentioned that her shoulder still ached a little. Our Dr sent us for x-rays of the shoulder just to be safe. Clean break of the upper arm just below the shoulder. Fortunately it set well on its own.