Friday, April 25, 2014

The Week We Finally Made Progress

Spring has finally, and seemingly, permanently sprung in Missouri.  Neighbors have been planting trees and updating their landscaping.  The dandelions have been out full force in the open areas and we've not need a jacket for days. 

(LEFT) Gluten free Texas Roadhouse style rolls and Gluten free Starbucks-style vanilla bean scones. All for Amber's Easter meals.
(RIGHT) Easter egg decoration!

Amber had a good school week as well, even if her tummy still wasn't perfect this week.  We are trialing milk again and it isn't looking good.  There's not a horrible reaction, but there is something off about the days when she has milk products.  She still has some purple rings under her eyes, especially later in the day.   At least this week she was active and didn't spend the majority of it on the couch in a ball.

Amber and I barely survived handbells on Easter. Actually, I'm not sure the way I played could be called survival, but we left the church intact after several services.  We then spent the day at my mom's house with my sister's family visiting.  Even though there is quite an age difference, Amber and her cousins always enjoy playing together.  I love that my sister lives in driving distance.

(LEFT) Easter.  Very relieved too since this was actually after church. 
(RIGHT) Playing ball at Grandma's with her cousins

Monday Amber had her GI doctor appointment, so she decided to use her April "fun day" coupon since we would already be out and about.  Instead of rushing home for school we had a leisurely lunch with my mom and Fred and then came home to goof off together.  It was a little rainy so Amber decided she wanted to play various PS3 games with me.  We completed a few more levels of the LEGO Movie game and started the Hobbit LEGO game.  That means we have three concurrently running LEGO games now since LEGO Marvel Heroes is still not completed.

Tuesday it was back to a regular school schedule and Amber totally kicked it into gear this week.  She finished and took the test, today, for the unit in grammar leaving her with just one unit to go before the end of the year.   She also only has a few chapters of Spelling left before she is done, done, done.  We are moving to vocabulary next year instead of spelling, so this will be the end of that subject entirely.  Ancient history too now looks like it will complete prior to the end of the school year.  Amber completed more writing than I could look over this week and only stopped because I asked her to slow it down.  It seems impossible to believe the progress that was made this week.

Fun Day.  First a trip to the GI doctor.  But her new stuffed chick, Peeppers, came along.  Then playing the Hobbit LEGO game.

Amber has decided she does not want to extend her school year because of all her sick days, so she is putting forth extra effort on her "well days" to complete at least one more subject than normal.  Unfortunately, no matter what she does for the next five weeks math will continue over the summer because Amber always put it off when she didn't feel well.  However, Amber did opt to do an extra math today when she was not asked.  I actually discouraged it, but she has developed strong feelings about finishing more of her work on schedule.   I applaud the attitude, but am worried she will just be checking boxes off her list and not learning as she should.

The homeschool group classes only have 2 more weeks left!  We are so bummed by this.  Amber loves these classes and would continue all summer if they would keep going.  There is actually only one class left, and an extra practice, before the drama class's performance evening. Amber has a very small part but still loves every second of that class.  Next year I think she is going to request a slightly larger part, yet still not one of the primary parts.  It is amazing to see her blossom and have such fun in a class that requires her to trust the other kids to support her and not terrorize her for her abilities.  I really can't say enough wonderful things about this amazing group of homeschoolers that we have found.  It has made a world of difference in our lives.

(TOP) We rarely see such complete rainbows here.  This was after the rain on Monday.  I love the panoramic ability of my iPhone.
(BOTTOM-LEFT) After homeschool group.  We had "school pictures" yesterday too.  Amber wore her hair down for pictures, but I think she might have looked cuter after we pulled up her hair.
(BOTTOM-RIGHT) Just studying in the sun, with a very curious kitty peeking out the patio door.

Today Amber spent most of her school day outside working on assignments, basking in the sun, while I weeded the flower beds, pruned back the dead part of plants throughout our yard, and dug up a few completely dead plants.  Wouldn't you know that the plants I don't particularly like and wanted to rip out to replace this year survived the unusually harsh winter just fine?  The heather, which normally loves winter so much that it blooms in December and January, turned to dry brown twigs.  I ended up leaving the plants I had planed to remove simply because the current count is 11 perennials that did not survive the winter.  Ten of those perennials are in my front landscaping. There are three others out back that look dead but have some green at the bottom.  I'm hoping they perk up.  Then there are four others up front that I whacked until they were 1/4 their previous height, but I have them looking almost like live plants again. 

This weekend I'm going to be planting the perennials and a few annuals, and hopefully helping Fred paint our bathroom.  It was next on the house painting list, but the list was abandoned for other projects.  I decided we were going to paint this weekend and bought the paint on Wednesday.  Hopefully Fred is in agreement with my project list for the weekend.  

Happy Weekend!

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  1. What a wonderful week. I am glad Amber is feeling a bit better. Tom Sawyer had an off week...all week long. I think he got a bit of corn on Easter. The rainbow is marvelous and the roadhouse rolls don't look to shabby either.
    Blessings. Dawn

  2. Such an awesome looking week! Looks like she had quite a blast! I may just have to ask you for those recipes for those rolls and scones. I love the rainbow shot as well, where we are we usually only see half of a rainbow LOL

    1. Chrystal, the recipes are both from I've altered them for Amber's specific diet, but they are still very much the recipes from Nicole Hunn.

  3. I am glad that Amber is feeling better. I like the rainbow. Where we are we frequently get the full ones in the spring and sometimes we get a double one. One thing that I didn't know that my wife told me is with the doubles the second one has the colors in the opposite order. Good luck on the project.

    1. I learned something then about the double rainbows too. Ours turned into a double, and if you look closely at the pic you can see it was starting. I didn't think to check the color order at the time.

    2. Cool I can see it starting to form. The double is actually a reflection of the first and thus the reversed order.

  4. Your baking looks delicious. I love Texas Roadhouse rolls. No, Texas Roadhouse nearby.

  5. Christy I am glad you survived Easter and Handbells. I'm so glad Amber is feeling a bit better. Keilee and I pray for her every single night. That rainbow is lovely. I honestly don't think I have ever seen a whole one. And SPRING has sprung!! :) Happy weekend!

  6. It's nice to see Amber having fun and looking pretty! The rainbow is awesome! Gardens are so pretty but also hard for me to keep up with! I'm hoping that our harsh winter did not kill my little Mother's Day rose bush.