Friday, May 16, 2014

One of THOSE Weeks

This is the post where I tell you that homeschooling is not always happy sunshine and smiles all around. We all know this, but sometimes it is good to know that others feel this too.  Homeschooling is definitely worth all the effort, but there are days that remind you that even homeschooling can't solve every problem.

Amber has been doing well, mostly, with her food issues the past few weeks, yet I still cannot get her motivated to what needs to be done each day for school.  I know she's just being twelve, but oh boy has it been a rough week of twelve-ness.  I also know that she has been sick so often over the past 15 months that it is hard to buckle back down now that she isn't actively sick most days.  Still, this week she pushed it too far.

As a result of Amber's attitude this week, her sixth grade school year has officially been extended one week into June.  It's not that I'm trying to finish text books, but we do need to complete items sufficiently to move on next year.  I also don't want an eight week summer break (well, 7 weeks now) between lessons in uncompleted subjects.  Unfortunately, Amber has been working her best to thwart completing our lessons this week.  Actually, she has actively been disobeying me on every possible topic.  It was one of those weeks.

Mother's Day Weekend: it was a good weekend.
(LEFT) Dinner on Saturday with my mom.
(TOP-RIGHT) Flowers from my girl
(BOTTOM-RIGHT) Mother's Day at Church

Amber also desperately wanted to participate in drama this summer with the arts group where she plays in the band.  We simply needed to arrange her audition. On top of that she wanted to go to a week of improv classes with the same group.  Amber had great plans for her new found like of drama.  After consideration, as parents, we have decided that there will be no extra activities this summer other than Amber's flute lessons that we must continue or lose the spot.  Amber may participate in church activities, like VBS, and may meet up with her friends. The point of this exercise is not to ostricize the child, however, Amber has lost the privilege of special activities and must now earn that privilege back with a more gracious and respectful attitude.

I am definitely praying that we are able to help Amber work through this over the summer, otherwise she will find her fall activities also limited to only flute.

For all that Amber was so extremely difficult this week and fought me over almost every subject, she did make some progress on the remaining work.  It definitely wasn't enough progress, but she got through things and was able to show that she retained the knowledge. 

(LEFT) Art from co-op class.  This is Spike from My Little Pony.  Done using grid resizing. 
(RIGHT-BOTTOM) Various art projects from co-op.  One is an oil pastel self portrait. 
(RIGHT-TOP) Barbie house is over-run with Frozen characters (and Flynn Ryder from Tangled). There's Anna, Elsa & Kristoff dolls, a stuffed Olaf and Sven, and Frozen finger puppets.

I gave Amber Augustus Caesar's World a few weeks ago to read leisurely while we are studying Rome. There have been no assigned readings, it is merely something for her to read through as a more interesting retelling of Rome. I thought it would go much better than it has.  Amber doesn't hate it, but also says it's not really as much fun to read as she hoped. She says it is still very much textbook like and, while it isn't as boring as the average textbook, in her mind it is still one.   I actually read the entire book prior to giving it to Amber and I quite enjoyed it myself.  However, I'm not a middle school student either.

This week I've spent uncounted hours working on adoption paperwork and finishing my autobiography for the home study.  At this point it feels like I should be looking for a publisher to turn it into a novel, or at least a novella.  It's honestly approaching that long, and that is just hitting the bullet points they require.   We also have our psychological evaluations scheduled for next week, well, at least part one. It is a multi-visit thing.  The Philippines require that adoptive parents go through a full psychological evaluation, not a screening.  We also have to take two separate personality tests.  No, this isn't a little bit scary, not at all.  (If you could hear me say that, you'd hear the totally freaked out tone.)  I feel normal, but who knows what weirdness they will tell me is lurking in the back corners of my mind.  Probably just a latent geekiness, but this whole process can be a bit freaky.

(LEFT) Biscotti being sedate and cute.  Yes, he is a disproportionate cat.  His head is nowhere near the right size for his body.  It's the oddity of being a mix between a small and large breed cat.
(TOP-RIGHT) Amber preparing to eat a strawberry during food trials.  BTW, it passed.. one strawberry.  Two strawberries a couple days later were a failure.
(BOTTOM-RIGHT) Savoring her strawberry.  She didn't even try to nibble, just popped it in whole.

Today we are working on school and mentally preparing for the music concert tonight.  Amber will be playing flute with the rest of the MCCA concert band, and it's her first time performing with the flute.  She has performed on piano before, but not with her flute.  Then, on Sunday we have the last handbells performance of the season too.  Oddly, we are looking forward to it, even though it means getting up super duper extra early on a Sunday for the dreaded early church service.  :)

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Oh the joys of twelve-ness! (yes, sarcasm as our son is 12 thinking he's about 30 with his attitude most days lately and it's trickled down to the younger two). I pray that your summer will go as hoped. Restrictions are no fun for them or us if you ask me, just a unfortunate part of life that happens when one chooses not to listen to ones parents.

    1. Pretty much. I would love to let Amber have her summer activities, but something had to happen to change things.

  2. Ugg! I hope all improves soon. I know the adoption process is daunting at moments. Hang in there. Attitude seems to come in waves around here too,
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I'm sorry you have had some attitude problems. I hope all improves on that front soon. I have actually heard and read a lot of homeschooling parents going through this. I think it is just the 'end of school' thing. Public school teachers go through it also. Keilee and I pray for you and your adoption situation every day. I know it is scary but it is going to be so awesome!!! Happy weekend Christy. Give Amber a hug from us! Her art is wonderful! :)

  4. I'm sorry you guys had a rough week! I hope your weekend was a happy one! I love your family photo and Amber's artwork. I'll also be praying for your adoption to go smoothly and quickly!

  5. We battle attitude more often than I care to admit. It is starting to burn out, I hope. I think I will get Philip to read this. It will let them know that these rules are not just our family. Hopefully this week is better than the last. We will continue to pray for Amber's health and the adoption process going smoothly.