Saturday, July 5, 2014

Midsummer Happenings

Happy 4th of July!  If you hadn't noticed, we aren't big party people and like low key restful holidays. Now that Amber can somewhat tolerate the sound of fireworks, we watch from afar.  We used to have dinner with my parents and then all watch one of the local municipality's display from a strip mall parking lot instead of at the actual event.  Now we keep up the tradition with my mom.   We aren't the only ones either, that strip mall parking lot is quite full these days!

(RIGHT) I'm an Independence Day rebel - I drank sweet tea and loved it.  I can't pass up McAlister's sweet tea.  My blood sugar wasn't fond of it though.  (LEFT) Amber goofing off while waiting for fireworks.  The flash of my iPhone startled her into dropping her napkin.
I had thought to have some outside family fun today, but yesterday I took Amber and a few friends bowling, out to lunch, and to a local park. The girls all had a fantastic time, but Amber ended up sick from the exertion at the park. She overheated despite drinking water constantly and it only being in the upper 70's for a high temperature. (Are we still in Missouri?) I guess next time we will skip the park. It was such a lovely day. 

We've been putting into action a few of our new school ideas and have seen some positive results as Math has been much less of an irritation point the last two days. Amber has also been showing a great deal more responsibility in certain areas.  I hope her willingness to pitch in with extra tasks is not just to earn back her allowance. 

Bowling and park fun with friends.  She says it was worth feeling sick.
Fred did make it back from his South African trip and was happy to be home. He brought Amber her obligatory stuffed animal and a very nice painted ostrich egg.  We decided to display her egg in the main part of the house on a shelf where the cats can't let their curiosity damage such a precious gift. 

We are still working through more sensory issues with Amber, but she did great at her dental checkup this week. Those have never been easy for her and braces were a 21 month constant sensory irritant. Monday Amber saw her GI doctor who was very pleased with Amber's progress over the last couple of months. While the dietician would like to see more weight gain, the GI doctor is pleased that there has been about a kilo gained in the past 3 months. 

(RIGHT) The day Fred returned and at our normal lunch spot.  (LEFT) Amber's South African gifts.
The GI doctor is working on getting Amber seen by a specialist to figure out the exhaustion and overheating. It isn't right and sounds like a category of conditions that have GI components similar to Amber's issues. It is terribly difficult to qualify to be seen by the appropriate specialist though and requires enough documented symptoms and another doctor's recommendation. This is not an insurance issue but the policy of the specialist.  I should be a circus performer given the number of hoops I've been jumping lately for various people. 

Speaking of hoop jumping, the adoption hasn't made any progress this week. In fact it might have taken a step backwards. We are still waiting on other people to finish reports, but a situation has occurred that is not giving us a warm fuzzy feeling. This maybe a problem for our future progress. Maybe.  I'm praying for guidance and patience.   

Planning out one of her projects for this weekend. 
Because of Independence Day I had an entire week day where I couldn't do anything about doctor appointments or the adoption.  It's been nice and I've got two more days of slacking before I need to start calling people again.  This weekend Amber has a couple of projects she would like to do together.  I have a couple of home and school projects I need to complete.  Hopefully we can both get what we want and live to tell the tale.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I am glad that you all were able to enjoy the fireworks. We were a bit close to the fall out area and got hit by some debris. At least it wasn't hot. I understand about the hoop jumping. It is crazy at times.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I'm so glad that your husband is home. Sorry that Amber reacted so strongly to the day out :-( and the possible hoop issues with the adoption process. I'll be praying for all of y'all.

  3. I am glad your husband made it back home safely. Also glad Amber gained some weight and that her doctor was pleased with her progress. Sorry about your adoption process disappointment. I'll be praying for progress to pick up and get moving. Also that you can get Amber into the specialist quickly.

  4. It's been such a long time since I have visited. I have returned to my old blog, Our Side of the Mountain, and hope to get blogging again. So happy to read that Amber seems to be doing better. Are you adopting?

  5. That is an amazing egg and quite the souvenir. It is frustrating to see all the hoops you have to jump through just to see a specialist. I will add that to my prayer list as well as the worries about the adoption process.

  6. What a fun week Christy. Your 4th of July looked so fun. I'm glad Amber had fun bowling and I'm sorry she got too hot. I love the egg that Fred brought her back. Gorgeous. We are still praying for your adoption process to go smoothly. Hang in there and God will work it all out. Happy week Christy!

  7. What a full and busy week! It must be lovely to have your husband back. My best friends adopted and it took them three years - three years on the biggest roller coaster but they have now two gorgeous boys to call their own. I hope this hurdle rectifies itself soon.