Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Autumn Memories

Yesterday the temperatures here dipped drastically, with no promise of it warming above 40 degrees in the near future.  The skies were gray and the wind brisk.  The trees have long lost most of their leaves and the remains on the ground are brittle and brown.  The pretty part of Autumn has mostly departed our area. However, for me it was an amazing day full of happy memories. 

Amber and I stopped by my mom's house after a morning field trip to the symphony, which in itself was full of lovely memories.  But the true happiness came in working outside in my mom's yard.  My mother still lives in the house where we moved when I was six years old and she still has her lovely rose garden.  Unfortunately, this year she fell and is unable to winterize her own plants.

While outside working to trim back all the plants and cover them for winter I was struck with amazing memories of playing in that same yard in that same type of Autumn weather.  My sister and I played outside anytime we could, even if it meant wearing winter coats while swinging.  We would sing "Over the River and Through the Woods" repeatedly, because the elementary school music teacher made us all sing it every year at Thanksgiving time.  We watched our reflections in the patio door and jumped out of the swings to see who could land the farthest away.  We didn't have a care in the world above getting in one more swing before Mom called us in for dinner.

The silver swing set with our beloved monkey bars is, of course, long gone, yet I remember exactly where it sat and even imagine there are still dead spots in the grass from our feet.  Even though the glass is new, I still see the reflections of our hooded figures flying through the air.  And while it's been decades, the leaves crunch the same as they did all those years ago. 

So while warm and sunny Fall days with the trees dressed in their multicolored leaves are enjoyable, I still love the warm fuzzy memories of those dreary and cold November days from childhood. 

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