Thursday, February 26, 2015

Positive Thinking: Single Parent Week

Things are not quite as stressful around here as last week, thankfully, and the positive thinking definitely helped keep me sane.  However, with Fred out of town for the week I have a lot more on my plate, plus I don't have him to talk to when I need to get out some of my frustration.


This week I'm focusing on these positive items:

We live in a city with a major symphony and have the ability to regularly take in a performance.  It's so nice to have nothing else to do but sit there and listen.  No phones, no school work or other concerns.  Just the music.

Amazon.  While shopping there can be addictive, it is also such a useful tool.  It's often hard for me to get out to the store more than once a week.  Amazon has the many items I need at competitive prices with free shipping (we are Prime members).  Some days I just need the convenience of Amazon.  (I'm not an Amazon affiliate, just a huge Amazon fan).

Friendly and kind servers at our favorite restaurants We have limited restaurants where Amber can eat, and most of them know us now.  It's great to walk in and have them bring our drinks without ordering.  And we don't even have to order our food at some of them; the servers know Amber's special orders.  Not to mention they are friendly and talk with us if they have time. It's easy to take these people for granted, but they always brighten our day.

Road construction is complete. Technically the new highway in our area opened in November, but I'm just so happy that our snow, ice and other winter weather held off until all the construction detours, signage, equipment removal, and lane closures were done.  I'm still giddy every time I use this highway.  There has been years of road construction in our county and eventually it moved quite close to where we live.  But the new highway is now another connector to the neighboring county (over a river).  It provides quicker access within our own county too, which includes to our church.  And it's direct route to my mom's house as we both live roughly 2 miles off the new highway.


  1. Christy,
    I'm so glad you are staying positive and remembering that good things in your life, even when life seems so hard at times. I applaud you for that because truth be told, it is hard sometimes. I want you to know something. Although we barely know each other and have only communicated through email about homeschooling a few times, I am here for you if you ever need to talk and get out your frustration. I mean that sincerely. I know what it is like to need someone to listen and not have someone. I am disabled and sick with chronic pain 24/7, so I am awake more then I sleep. I am always just an email away. Please keep me in mind if you ever want or need to talk. :)
    Please say hello to Amber for me and I hope she's feeling good today. Stay warm!

    1. Thanks Jo, I really appreciate it. I can't imagine what you go through with the chronic pain. Apparently, Amber has chronic pain, but it is mild and her other symptoms are bad enough that she doesn't worry about the pain. Things you wished your child would tell you in a timely fashion. Amber says Hi back. She's doing okay today. It snowed / is still snowing, so that never helps and we have a morning doctor's appointment.