Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Positive Thinking

I've been a bit overwhelmed lately with things going on in various aspects of our lives. It's enough to really weigh down my mind. I've been pretty much doing only the absolute bare necessities in cooking, cleaning, lesson plans, etc.  I decided finally that I was spending too much time focusing on the negative, even though some of it does need attention. 

Instead of thinking on the negatives, each week I'm going to find a few positives to dwell on during the difficult moments. I may not always post about them, but they will be in my thoughts. 

These are my positive items for this week:

Amber's steadfast friends - who have remained loyal and caring friends despite Amber's limitations and crazy parents who won't let her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

My mother - She's just the best, kindest person I know. She offers to help in any way whenever needed. (She might be traveling to the Mayo Clinic with Amber and me just so I have another adult. It will be long and boring for her.)

Our church - I finally feel like I'm home. It took a couple of churches, but this feels like the right place and it reminds me of the church where I grew up. 

Our house (even though I get irritated with some features) - It provides us shelter, is in good repair, in a good neighborhood, and comfortably warm especially in the negative temperatures tonight. 

Doctors - The many who have tried to diagnose Amber and work diligently to increase her quality of life. Also we are so lucky to have local doctors that understand dysautonomia. 

A spot on the Review Crew - It has been perfect timing for some education needs we had, but that I was having trouble filling. 

Pets that bring us joy every day -  They are not a burden but a treasure that makes us smile with their antics and bring happiness with their purrs, head bonks, kitty games and snuggles. 

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  1. I find positive thinking helps so much during hard times. I love you reminder list. Hang in there. I know it is so hard during difficult times to keep hold of the positives. I am glad you are close to your mom. My mom is a great strength to me as well.
    Blessings, Dawn