Friday, February 27, 2015

The Not-So-Break Week

Even though this was scheduled as a break week, I just couldn't see how Amber would finish her core hours in time if we took the whole week off. Technically there's plenty of time left in the school year, but realistically I know there will be days Amber doesn't have the energy for school. Other days have social activities already planned. Plus we have standardized testing in April, the play dress rehearsal, a concert, doctors' appointments, and a multiple day visit from our nephew again during his Spring break. 

Amber had an absolutely lovely attitude towards her studies this week. On Sunday I laid out for her the plans for no more than two hours of school per day this week. Each morning she awoke eager to get started on her lessons so she could have a fun afternoon. Tuesday night Amber slept very poorly and her body was having a dysautonomia flare. I let her sleep extremely late Wednesday morning, yet still she awoke with a great attitude toward the school work. I did let her forgo the majority of school to enjoy her day after the flute lesson. 

Still Amber completed four math lessons, daily Greek root vocabulary, a couple of Cover Story lessons, finished up the written work on Marco Polo, some science videos with worksheets, and continued her writing process for the research paper.  In actuality, she did put in more than 2 hours a few of the days but she was enjoying the work. Crazy, eh?

Bowling with arcade fun.  Her Painted Pot project from a couple weeks ago. (That we forgot to pick up until this week).
Fred was out of town on business Sunday morning through midnight Thursday, which meant it was just Amber and me all week. We played hours of LEGO Batman 3 and more Disney Infinity 2.0.  I took Amber and a friend to Brunswick Zone on Tuesday. The place was nearly empty the entire time we were there. The girls bowled one game and played in the arcade. It was actually too much activity for Amber, but she pushed through and felt like a normal teenager. Afterwards the girls just hung out at our house for a few hours.

Now that Lent has started Amber pulled out her Easter eggs and wanted to have indoor hunts like always. We have some extra special eggs this year too which really upgraded our egg hunt.  I still haven't switched our decorations over from Winter / Valentine's Day to Lent / Easter. With Winter finally arriving here, it feels odd to put out the Spring decorations. 

We also had our first experience with Jamberry nail wraps. A friend of mine was having a Facebook Jamberry party and the consultant sent sample for both Amber and me. Amber loves to have her nails painted, but hates how they chip and peel quickly. I usually can't even make it an hour before my nails look awful. I was nervous how the nail wraps would work and if we could successfully apply them.  It all went quite smoothly and we are both terribly happy with the samples. Amber and I had fun playing party games during the Facebook party and finally selected several wrap combinations for each of us. Now to wait for their arrival. 

We also have a new learning tool that worked quite well for Amber. This week our review of In Freedom's Cause was posted, and I have to say that we were thrilled with the audio drama.  It allowed Amber to experience a book we already had scheduled for history in a more relaxed manner, but the study guide assured she was understanding the main points.  It was such a success that I've added other audio dramas to my list of history resources. I think we are going to use Under Drake's Flag in a few weeks when we hit his time in history.

A grumpy girl at her allergy appointment today. She was irritated with me because I told her slip-on, low profile, loafer shoes were not appropriate when it was STILL snowing.  At least she wore the boots.  Also working on Cover Story and her first Jamberry wraps mixed with polish.

I can't hardly believe it's already almost March! It sounded farther off when I decided to wait on deciding about the Mayo trip until March. I'm still not ready to think about it. Amber hasn't gotten worse, except for her intestines are going a little haywire after working fairly decently for three weeks.  I'm still inclined to wait and get the opinions of all the involved local doctors. 

This weekend we are forecast for 3+ inches of snow in addition to sleet.  Winter got lost and has arrived late.  At least it's good weather for sewing on Narnia costumes.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Enjoyment when studying is THE reason TO learn! How WONDERFUL she had a GREAT attitude this week! I had some grumbles...Good to know about Jamberry. With all that I do around here, there's no reason to paint my nails. LOL

  2. What a fun week and you all got so much done. I can't believe March is here already either. I realized that I hadn't posted well on my blog. My first curriculum choice was posted earlier this week. It is probably to young for Amber anyway.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Christy,
    I'm so happy to hear that Amber had an awesome time with school this week and that she was up and ready to learn! Way to go! I love Jamberry nail wraps! They are so great. Question for you, you say that Amber watches science videos and stuff, is there an online site that you go to for viewing these or do you purchase your own? Can you let me know if there are sites out there that you subscribe to for these types of things? Thanks so much hon and I hope you and Amber are having a wonderful day!

  4. Sounds like an excellent week. I love Amber's nails - very cool!

  5. I'm glad Amber had a great week! Her nails are so cute! I can hardly believe that it will be March tomorrow already! Spring is sure to come eventually, I hope! You guys have another great week!

  6. It does sound like an awesome week!! Her nails look so cute. I also LOVE her Frozen plate. I am about to go read your review of the History audio. That sounds interesting. I can not believe it is MARCH either!!!! Happy Monday!!