Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Positive Thinking: After the Snow

We had a nice relaxing weekend where I was able to make progress on Amber's Narnia dress, have fun in the snow as a family and read.  Our visit with the pediatrician on Friday went well, but he'd like us to pursue the Mayo Clinic route.  This means there is a very uncomfortable conversation with Amber's neurologist in my future (at next week's appointment).  Right now though I'm concentrating on these positive items instead of worrying about that conversation. 

My positive items for the week:

Orange Juice - My body actually likes it, and my body likes very little at this point. It's good for me.  I've been drinking a glass each morning and it makes the day go so much better.

Lemishine - This is an additive or detergent replacement for the dishwasher.  It actually makes me giddy every time I run the dishwasher.  After quite a while of dull, filmy dishes coming out of the dishwasher, everything is now shiny again and I didn't need a new dishwasher after all. 

Jamberry nail wraps - I like pretty nails. My nails don't stay pretty with all I do around here.  At least these last longer than a few hours and have pretty patterns.  I'm also not that great at painting nails.

Snow:  It upsets schedules, makes a mess on the roads, but looks so pretty and peaceful. It also forces us to stay home and be more relaxed. It's also probably over for the season too.


  1. I like your positive thinking. I hope all goes well at the doctors next week.
    blessings, Dawn

  2. I completely think positive thinking and great attitudes are the key to a happy life. Well done for concentrating on all the goodness!

  3. Love your positives for this week! I too, love Jamberry nails!!! I actually just ordered some this past week so cannot wait to get them in. And speaking of snow, we are getting 6-9 inches of it tonight into tomorrow so that should be fun LOL.... stay positive my friend and stay focused!

    1. I'm trying :-) ordrring more Jamberry wraps from my sister's online party. Does a girl good to have pretty nails.