Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Real Life Homeschool - Day 3

Thanks for joining me for day three of 5 Days of Real Life Homeschool.  So far during the tracked week Amber had a crash and a neurology appointment. She's managed to complete some school, but less than is ideal.  At about this point in the week I usually begin to stress over how little school seems to have occurred.

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As usual I wake and get ready before Amber, but she does wake very close to her target time of 9:00 am.  Okay, so it was 9:30, but given the week she's had, I'll take it.  We discuss the plans for the day as we had many school subjects planned but Amber is terribly exhausted.  It's not like the crash on Monday, but can head that way fast if we don't heed her body's warnings.  It's also sunny and warmer.  We might just need a day out of the house for a non-medical event.  Our decision is to shorten school.

Amber takes her medication at the new dose and eats breakfast in bed.  The new dose of the vasopressor means I have to watch her blood pressure all day, especially if she isn't overly active.  Amber decides to work on her Greek Morphemes from bed while waiting on the medication to take effect.  I deal with paperwork preparation for calling Mayo then talk to my mom on the phone.

Amber showers at about 10:45 am and I make the call to the Mayo Clinic scheduling department.  It was, as you can imagine, a long call with me providing a lot of information.  Amber did pass the phone screening and we have a call back date scheduled where we learn if she will be seen at Mayo and when.  Prior to that call back I have a lot of paperwork, including a three page summary, of how we all perceive Amber's condition and her history.

Amber is still finishing her shower, so I work on rescheduling our school lessons for the week.

Unexpected Homeschool: Real Life Blog Hop
Relaxing with dolls

Finally at Noon Amber is ready to go, so we head out shopping at Kohl's for Amber's Spring clothes.  We do have a time constraint with Amber's flute lesson and still needing lunch.  That suits us fine though because Amber is low on energy.  By 1:30pm we are at a favorite lunch spot and by 2:15pm we are just up the road at Amber's flute lesson.  We are lucky to live in a nice suburban area with much to offer a short distance from our house while still not being in a crowded city.

By 3:30pm we are home from our afternoon out and Amber relaxes.  The flute lessons take a lot out of Amber because the breathing needed makes her heart a little unhappy.  While Amber is resting I begin making my notes for the documentation Mayo has requested. I basically have two days to get it faxed to them.

Once Amber is feeling up to it, we head to her room and sort the new clothes while pulling out of her closet the clothes that are now definitely too small or too heavy for late Winter / early Spring.  After a short while, Amber needs her snack and we head to the kitchen.  While she eats I clean the kitchen floor quickly.  I also have realized that while I planned the lesson for my German co-op class during Amber's flute lesson, I actually need to print a few things too.

Unexpected Homeschool: Real Life Blog Hop
The usual evening crash.

Amber is now chatting online with her friend and playing with our kitties.  I've realized the craft for my 50 States co-op class is not prepared and I need help cutting out at least 20 flowers for each of the 13 kids in class so we can make leis.  After I have the flowers printed on colored paper, Amber graciously offers to help cut them out which frees me to prepare the rest of the craft and start on dinner.

Fred arrives home around 6:30pm and is informed that he too could cut some of those paper flowers while I finish dinner. We eat a dinner of beef tips and mashed potatoes, then Fred and Amber head back to their flower cutting.  I clean up the kitchen, and flounder about for a few minutes because there is so much for me to do.  I eventually decide that with my family's help I'm ready for co-op classes the next day and now able to write up "Amber's Story" for Mayo.

Close to bedtime I realize that I haven't actually graded my German students' homework and thus am rushed doing that while Amber gets ready for bed.  She had spent the evening after the flower cutting watching a little TV, but mostly working on some creative writing.

Bedtime comes and I'm too stressed to sleep and Amber opts to shower in the morning again.  I stay up past midnight playing on my iPad and making notes for the Mayo document.


Another day is done and Amber completed even less formal school, but it was a needed day to recharge. Please join me again tomorrow - it's homeschool co-op day!


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  1. I am enjoying your week. We have certainly had many like it over the years. I is so important to remember that education is a journey...not a race. What a blessing homeschooling is to your family.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. It is indeed a blessing. It took me a while to learn I wasn't racing to the end each week, but simply educating to our best ability each day.