Friday, April 10, 2015

Real Life Homeschool - Day 5

It's the last day in the 5 Days of Real Life Homeschool blog hop! Normally on Fridays I try to keep life pretty low key for Amber since co-op Thursdays are exhausting for us both.  However, this particular week was not the most well planned on my part.

Unexpected Homeschool: Real Life Blog Hop

I am up and ready at my normal time again (around 8:30am), but Amber can't do it.  She had planned to be up early so that we could pick up breakfast on our way to the homeschool group's monthly Teen outing.  Instead Amber forces herself up around 9:30am.

While waiting for Amber to get up, I put my Friday blog post live, pay some bills, track a package, get the cats wet food and change the water they just put a toy into.  Once Amber is up I try to listen for her in the shower, but also need to pack her snacks because the venue for the teen outing is at an indoor sports place where there is no safe food for Amber. It is also scheduled over lunchtime into the early afternoon.  Seriously, who set this up?  Oh ya... that would be me (partially) as one of the co-leaders of the teen group.

By 10:45am we are ready to leave with plenty of time to pick up Chick-Fil-A breakfast again because the location for the event is down the road from the restaurant.  After we get there, we realize they quit serving breakfast before we even left the house.  So, now Amber hasn't had breakfast and only gets a snack type lunch. Amber doesn't actually want breakfast, but I say she must and quickly drive across the street to the same Red Robin from earlier in the week and get some allergy fries to-go.  That's fries three times this week.  I'm the mother of the year.

We are barely make the posted group start time of 11:30am.  Of course others are already there looking for the group and neither of the teen group leaders are there yet (one of which is me).  I despise being late and the morning has gone badly.  I'm pretty much done by this point and the event hasn't even started.

The teens break off into smaller groups to run between the various activity options.  Amber isn't allowed to climb the rock wall since it's too dangerous with her orthostatic intolerance.  She really shouldn't play laser tag, but loves it dearly and I make her promise to take it easy.  She's also only allowed one laser tag game.  Amber does take a lot of breaks over by the moms to eat some snacks and stay hydrated.  The indoor miniature golf also helped keep her calm for a while.  By the end of the event, Amber is in full on tachycardia and can't get her heart to calm down.

Unexpected Homeschool: Real Life Blog Hop
With friends during the teen event.  And a cuddly cat that missed us.
Around 3:00pm we finally are able to leave, but still have to run by the UPS Store to fax all the paperwork to the Mayo Clinic in advance of the call back.  The UPS Store is attached to our favorite grocery store, so we make a quick run in there to find something for dinner since Amber definitely will not be able to go out and I have nothing in mind for dinner.  We find a few pre-made items that might be safe for both Amber and me.  (Amber did fine with them; I reacted to one... go figure.)

We are home by 4:00 pm and Amber starts iMessaging a friend she just saw at the teen outing while watching TV.  I think it was mostly just a collapse on the couch with very little of anything else, but she answered texts occasionally.   The package I had been tracking in the morning arrived which means I need to open and sort its contents.  It's clothes, mostly for me, that I ordered online on Sunday.  Amber doesn't tolerate shopping for long periods, especially when it's for me and she just stands around while I try on clothes.  I attempt to do most of my shopping online, then return at the local store whatever doesn't workout.

Fred makes it home around 5:30pm which throws my mental schedule off, but thankfully I have an easy microwave type dinner from the grocery store.  We are eating dinner by 6:00pm.  Afterwards Amber rests on the couch with the TV on, and again I'm not sure how much she actually watched.  I cleanup the kitchen, plan the weekend chores, plan school for the next week, check on more hotels in Rochester, check on the Ronald McDonald House details again, and look at maps of Rochester with the skywalk to determine how far away the various hotels are from the building where Amber will be.

After a little while Amber begins texting her friend and they are working on creative writing stories together. They actually do this quite often when they are iMessaging; it's not all just chatting.  I go downstairs with my iPad to just hang out, but fall asleep sitting on the floor by the fireplace.  I was cold; the fire was warm.  After about a half hour I realize I've been asleep and get up to fix a snack for Amber.  While up I also tidy the downstairs of the house and take care of the cats' boxes.

Unexpected Homeschool: Real Life Blog Hop
Another cuddly cat that missed Amber in particular- she is his "person".

Finally I sit down with Amber and a snack of my own to watch some TV.  I've got my handy iPad so I also track more shipments that should be coming in the next few days, read some homeschool blogs, ogle some possible homeschool curriculum, and obsess more about Mayo. We check Amber's vitals which are still awful. Even though she's been resting for hours she is still in tachycardia.

Eventually it's bedtime, but it doesn't go well for Amber.  She can't get to sleep, and when she does finally sleep it is fitful and she wakes often calling for me.  She over did it during the day and so her body is rebelling by bedtime.

And that's it for our 5 Days of Real Life Homeschool.  While some weeks are terribly productive, others simply are not. I'm trying to learn that each morning is a new day and to live in the moment instead of trying to check off boxes to show our accomplishments.

Thanks for joining us through this blog hop!


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  1. Busy week for you girls..... hopefully over the weekend it can slow down for ya and maybe you girls can just have a mental health day and take a break! Don't worry about checking off boxes to see what you have accomplished. That is no way to live! Enjoy yourself and do what you can without tracking how well or poor you are doing. Maybe rent a movie this weekend and cuddle up with Amber and Fred and have a nice family movie night... pop some popcorn.... bond a little without talking about school or the Mayo clinic. Disconnect from the "stressors" in your life and reconnect with the "fun" stuff. Even if for just a day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Christy!

  2. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your life. Praying that Mayo goes well for you and Amber.