Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mayo Clinic Trip - Part 2

Today Amber had 5 separate tests run: 8 vials of blood, an ECG, last minute dermatology appointment, pulmonary function, and exercise stress test.  We didn't think the dermatology appointment would happen at all this visit because the first opening was next week, but we were called right at the end of our 3 hour break after the very early morning blood work.  We had to race back to the hospital to have her ECG done early and squeeze dermatology in before pulmonary. Whew. It was crazy.

Watching Nanny McPhee between tests 
Amber was worn out before she got to pulmonary, but they were impressed with her numbers anyway. She breathes quite well and after we told them she plays flute they all attributed it to that. Even the techs at the exercise stress test commented on her awesome pulmonary numbers. Unfortunately, her exercise numbers weren't so spiffy.

Waiting at dermatology 

She worked hard on that bike and was cooperative, but she still scared them a bit. There was a doctor overseeing the test, and he ended it when her heart rate hit 194 with blood pressure of 100/30. He actually told the techs to forego the cool down they had started and "just get her off the bike." So, that was scary. It took a while for her blood pressure to rise, but eventually we made it back to the hotel via the hotel sedan. We've walked every other time, but this afternoon it was hard to just get Amber down from the 18th floor to the front door for pickup. She's been pretty puny since then.


Tomorrow is autonomic testing. Pretty much everything she's done at home, but they want new numbers here. Amber is dreading it because she remembers how awful it was the first time and now she's already exhausted from days of testing.

We're still scheduled to finish on Thursday and will make the trek home Friday! We miss home and can't wait.

View from Mayo

Exercise test

Recovering from exercise test

Well earned gelato


  1. I am so glad you are getting through all of these appointments. I hope the answers are helpful and make Amber more comfortable in the coming months. What a ordeal the exercise test was on her. We are praying that today goes well.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. The bike test was scary. It is always scary when they break procedure particularly with direct commands to other staff. We had that happen a couple of times with Philip