Friday, June 26, 2015

Time to Relax

We have been back home from the Mayo Clinic for a week now (well, a week this evening).  Since being home we've been to three more local doctors for updates and follow-ups.  Amber still needs to see the GI doctor again for what looks like at least two more tests.  Silly me, I thought Mayo would be the end of testing for a while. I was wrong.

Amber is now on a new exercise plan that is slightly different than the one the local neurologist had her using. Same purpose, but this protocol is designed more for adolescents. Amber's neurologist is fine with the change, but he didn't agree with all the medication changes suggested by Mayo. He is using the Mayo information as a basis to tweak the medicine support, which is all fine with me. He's the doctor who will be treating Amber for years to come, not Mayo. We need him to do what he feels is best not what the people at Mayo think from a couple of days of tests.

Our hotel in Minnesota with an Amber selfie as we left for home.  Then working on ancient egypt mapping through Iowa (again) and finally being welcomed back home!!

We are trying to get back into our home routine and setting a new pattern with the exercise plan.  It feels like Summer can really start now that the medical trip is not hanging over our head. The weather here has even warmed up to the usual Missouri 90's and high humidity. I will say the weather was so much more pleasant and tolerable in Minnesota. The roads up north are also not closed due to flooding like around where we live. It took us an extra hour to get home from Minnesota last week due to flooded highways. Unfortunately, we were only 20 minutes from home when the detour started. It is an understatement to say I was disappointed with the road situation after a 7 hour drive already completed.

While gone Amber did manage to work on school lessons, especially during some fairly boring times. Iowa is quite unremarkable in some locations and thus Amber spent a large portion of Iowa working on an upcoming history review of the new Project Passport: Ancient Egypt from Home School in the Woods. She also read from The World of Columbus and Sons in the waiting rooms of Mayo and worked on chemistry in the hotel between tests.

Father's day and a goofy girl at the used book fair before we left for Minnesota.

Now that we are back home this week, we've taken a few days with no work at all. Amber has still completed five lessons in math, several chemistry lessons, more of the Ancient Egypt study, listened to a new history audio drama, and practiced flute every day except lesson day.  We also learned all about genetically high cholesterol and treatment in adolescents (any guess why?)  We've studied Amber's diet again along with the dietician and decided it currently has no tweaking needed nor will diet changes affect any blood test numbers.

We've also started our traditional summer fun: comfy spots on the couch while playing the newest LEGO video game. This year it's LEGO Jurassic World.  Of course, Amber hadn't seen any of the Jurassic Park movies and after finishing part one of the game she desperately wanted to watch the movies. The complete three movie set arrived from Amazon yesterday, so we've begun the evening movie watching. We might even take her to see Jurassic World in the theaters.

Our last comfy seats on this couch - a new one has been ordered. And listening to an audio drama while reading through the study guide.

For those of you looking for middle school curriculum, I have a post coming up next week with curriculum books and sets I still have left after our local homeschool group sale. I have a fair amount our previous curriculum and books that I didn't manage to sell (ok, so I gave most of it away. I'm not good at selling.)  I'll be giving away the remainder (for only the actual cost of shipping). The first to request each one will be the new owner. The post will probably be out on Wednesday.

Amber and I are hoping to actually relax now for a few days.  The house needs some deep cleaning which I already started by steam cleaning all the downstairs carpets on Tuesday. The upstairs still needs to be done, plus the steps. At some point I need to start baking and meal planning again and dealing with the school files from seventh grade.  But first, I'm going to goof off like I haven't a care in the world for a few days.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful time goofing off! Your whole family deserves a break. I can't wait to see the books you post.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Oh, yes, goofing off sounds bliss! If anyone deserves a bit of goofing off it is you and Amber. I love the picture of Amber with her Daddy!

  3. So glad that testing is over for a bit for Amber and that she can start to just relax and start to enjoy the start of summer. :)
    I cannot wait to see what books you post because my daughter is starting 6th grade and we could use some new curriculum. Mainly because I'm still trying to learn what to teach her and I love your way of schooling Amber so I think I would benefit from getting some of your study books. Love the photos you took... and boy oh boy Amber is her daddy's twin!!!

  4. You always sound so busy! How does Amber get ANY school work completed? She is totally dedicated, huh? You wouldn't happen be be getting rid of Apologia Astronomy or other Apologia books?? :: wink ::

    1. Sorry, no Apologia in the stack. Last week was really busy, but this week is a different busy. Fewer appointments, but things to be done around here, movies to see as a family, exercise plan to work, etc. In general, if I'm sitting around with nothing to do, then I've forgotten what I should have been doing.