Monday, July 27, 2015

An Interview with a Homeschooled Teenager

Recently, I interviewed Amber to get her thoughts on homeschooling. This was a time for her to answer honestly and openly. It also allowed me a glimpse into how she views the homeschooling life.

Amber has a slightly different perspective on homeschooling than some considering she spent the majority of grade school in parochial schools and now has a chronic illness which would require medical accommodations at a standard school.

Unexpected Homeschool: An Interview with a Homeschooled Teenager

Q: What is different between homeschooling and private school, besides the obvious location?
A: Homeschooling is geared more to the student and not the average kid. That's the big difference. It's fitted directly to the student and not to the test too. 

Q: What are some of the positives of  homeschooling?
A: There are many:
  1. I can take breaks when I need them;
  2. I don't have the many hours of homework after school time. Most of it was busy work that didn't help much.
  3. We start and end the school day when want. Even the school year too.
  4. Vacation days when we need them.
  5. I get to spend time with family at home.
  6. I can choose the curriculum and topics that I want, within reason.
Q: What are some of the negatives of homeschooling?
A: There really is only one that I've noticed.  If you are an only child you don't socialize as much with other kids and have to work to find groups to join. It's not a big deal because we join other groups and I socialize with nice people.

Q: What would you do differently in our homeschool?
A: Nothing - I like how it is and I've had input on my schedule and subjects already. My mom talks with me about my education and l can tell her when something isn't working.

Unexpected Homeschool: An Interview with a Homeschooled Teenager

Q: If asked, how would you explain homeschooling to someone who had never heard of it?
A: You stay at home and are schooled the way you need to be based on your learning and physical needs. You learn more than you do at regular schools - you learn to think, instead of memorizing a bunch of facts and taking tests.  It's in a more comfortable environment that makes learning easier. Your teacher understands you better since it's your parent. Sometimes you join in outside classes or groups for more variety.

Q: Why do we homeschool?
A: We started because I was being bullied. Now I'm sick with POTS, but we really have continued because it works well for me and our family. We think it is a better way to educate me.

Q: Do you feel embarrassed when asked about homeschooling out in public?
A: No.  There's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's just a different way of educating.

Q: If you were healthy and had your choice, which type of school would you prefer?
A:  Homeschooling. I learn more, it's not so stressful, and all the positive reasons I already gave.

Q: What about the high school experience? Are you afraid you will miss out on something?
A: No. It doesn't seem very interesting and the way it is portrayed on TV isn't real. Regular high school is not like that. Besides we have teen groups in homeschooling too; I'm not stuck at home.


  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. WOW I love the way she answered all these questions! So honest and so she seems so happy! That is what counts.. she's happy and she's learning. You are doing a great job mom! Keep it up!