Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer, Summer, Summer

It's been a relaxing and semi-vacation week here. We didn't go anywhere or have any special activities (except today).  Fred still had work while Amber was diligent in her assignments for our curriculum reviews. However, after the holiday weekend I cannot get motivated. Instead of completing items from our endless chore and project list, we goofed off at all possible times. We barely did the regular weekly housekeeping, which unheard of, for me. I only vacuumed the house 3 times this week, instead of daily, and didn't dust at all!

Wednesday afternoon Amber and I finished the LEGO Jurassic World game to 100% completion with all trophies too. This was record time for us, since we didn't begin the game until late June. Another first, we didn't have a complete walkthrough available and actually figured it out ourselves. Amber was baffled by our speed and by Wednesday evening was in Jurassic withdrawal. Now we wait for LEGO Avengers later this year.

A finished Ancient Egyptian temple diorama, fourth of July fireworks, and goofing off at the allergist.
The next book the Land of Stories series was released this week and arrived in our mail Tuesday. Amber spent that evening and a few minutes Wednesday morning finishing the book. If you follow the series, Amber says it was the best one yet. 

I did spend time coordinating between doctors this week. I'm still waiting to hear how it works out. Mayo attempted to have Amber see the genetics department for EDS testing, but the appointments didn't work out while we were there. Amber's local neurologist discussed it with us and looked at Amber's skin, but referred her back to the pediatrician for diagnosis. The pediatrician didn't need to see Amber, because he doesn't diagnsose the condition and refers directly to rheumatology. Rheumatology made an appointment for Amber after much discussion, but wants records indicting EDS. Of course nobody has records of it because nobody diagnoses it, and instead keeps referring her on. *insert frustrated scream here*

Biscotti did have his vet checkup this week and it was as traumatic as expected. He's doing well and may forgive me some day. At least he was gassed and doesn't remember the shots. The other two cats have their checkups next week. As long as the siblings aren't separated, they general do alright at the vet. Heaven forbid Milori ever has to go alone again. 

At the vet with Biscotti who howled and cried the whole time he was awake. Back home Milori was very concerned over his friend.
Amber freaked me out earlier this week during a random discussion while walking through a parking lot. We were talking about the summer going quickly and school starting in a few weeks. Amber can't believe she is finally an 8th grader, a big kid. She talked about how the 8th graders were the top of the parochial school and she always wanted to get there. I asked if she wanted to go back to school, meaning parochial school. Amber says, "Sometimes yes. I get bored having time off and goofing around so much." I was floored. So I asked her more specifically if she knew which school she wanted to attend. Then she was confused. "Homeschool. I'm about ready for summer break to be over. What school do you want me to go to?"  It was a crazy, mixed up conversation where my child was simply trying to tell me she would like more structure to her days. 

Today we celebrated Amber's half-birthday, a couple days early, with my mom. Because Amber's birthday is so close to Christmas, when Amber was a toddler my parents starting celebrating her half-birthday in addition to her actual birthday. Dad loved taking Amber to the toy store so she could pick out special presents, and then we had ice cream. Mom has carried on with the tradition. In July we all have a fun half-birthday lunch and shopping trip. Amber looks forward to it every year and Mom remembers it faithfully. These days the physical gift isn't a toy, and the real present is time with her Grandma and happy memories of half-birthdays past. 

Completed LEGO Jurrasic World, nearly completed Land of Stories book, plus Rosetta sleeping while we played PS4. She loves her people.
I'm still in goof off mode, so I'm not sure much will happen this weekend. We might see a movie if we can find one we haven't seen already. Next week begins more medical testing for Amber and me. Mine is simple and short. Amber gets anesthesia for hers. I really hope both of these come out negative since positive will mean more life style changes.

I am working on updating the blog for the new school year and will be posting the lesson plans I wrote for Medieval History (7th grade) before I file them away. (Even though we began our move to Tapestry of Grace in 7th grade, I had already written a whole school year's worth of history plans which we did end up using). If you're looking for Ancient History plans, our outline of reading for that year is already on the blog. Look for the Medieval History plans in the next two weeks, plus more curriculum reviews!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Tom Sawyer keeps asking when summer is over and saying we have had a long fun summer. He is also asking me for a more complete schedule. I am still totally in project mode and not yet ready to get back to a school schedule. We start on the 20th ~ at the beach.... It will be the most unique first day they ever had. Thanks for the CD's.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Sounds like you guys had a fun, relaxing week, other than the frustration of doctor stuff! What a funny conversation you had with Amber about schools!! I love the half birthday tradition you dad started! Praying for negative test results!

  3. I like relaxing weeks! Mine has been trying to catch up on housework since returning from camping. Vacuuming daily?!?! I aim for weekly and don't usually get there. I hate those conversation where neither side actually knows what is going on. I had one very critical one with Philip that took a couple of weeks to straighten out. I'll pray for good test result and an end to bureaucratic run around.

  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a lazy, summer day where being productive is non-existent LOL!
    Sometimes having no motivation and being goofy is what the doctor ordered! Have fun and enjoy your summer days as they will go by super fast!

  5. Ooooh, I am reading book two of the land of the stories to my littles and my biggies are nagging for book three. We love them!
    I hope your test results come out negative. Amber looks very healthy and happy in all your photos.

  6. I'm convinced that most kids want and need structure and schedules, but with enough flexibility to change things up once in a while. Of course most kids aren't going to tell you this! LOL