Friday, October 9, 2015

Appreciating Our Days

We've had quite the busy and eventful week, but again not near as much formal school as desired. This past month I've felt vaguely unschoolish, except I know we really aren't, it just felt that way to me.

There were grand school plans to be completed Monday prior to Amber's regular physical therapy appointment, but they all went out the window when I heard a cat being sick before I even made it out of bed. After quick showers we were off to the vet with our big boy, Biscotti. He had settled his stomach by the time we left, but after 7 sick episodes already that morning we knew something was wrong. After X-rays, ultrasound (with a newly shaved belly), blood work, and other tests it was determined he had a very severe UTI and pancreatic inflammation. Poor guy. He is such a good kitty and never gave any indication he was sick until the food came up repeatedly. 

Biscotti - (Left) Sunning himself on Thursday.
(Right) Watching me use the big carpet cleaner. He wasn't angry in the top picture, but talking. He'd just finished giving me head bonks as I walked by. He's a Maine Coon mix, and he talks... constantly.
Biscotti is now on an antibiotic, which is hopefully working even though he has had a few more bouts of queasy tummy. The vet says he probably will have tummy issues until the UTI is completely gone. We've spent what was supposed to be a moderately busy week running home between events to check on Biscotti. He's only 4 1/2 years old and in otherwise good health, but this UTI has us scared since we can't tell how much food he really is keeping down. 

Amber has spent most of her afternoons at home working on school lessons. Very little math and science occurred this week, but she managed plenty of German, history, geography, literature and physical exercise. The goal for today is to catch up on some of that math and science from the week.

A good kitty cuddle, doodling and geography.
Now that we are in the homework phase of the most recent confirmation module at church, Amber has more time available which we promptly filled with art classes at the Painted Pot. These are semi-private lessons taken with her best friend. I think the classes may be more social time than anything, still the project this week showed great improvement over the last set of art classes. Maybe she's learning something after all.

Most of Amber's school lessons this week came from review items which will be posting in the next few of weeks. Our perfect match poetry curriculum review posted earlier today. Please take a couple of minutes to check it out. We have been quite pleased with this poetry guide and it fits right into our alternating poetry and literature schedule with Illuminating Literature.

(And if you're interested in joining the Review Crew, applications are currently being taken!)

History in the car and therapy waiting room. Then resting while watching a science video.
Even though this week has been a little stressful juggling the sick kitty with our appointments and activities, it has also been a reminder to not plan our days too tightly and learn to go with the needs of the day. We have much to appreciate from this week:
Amber and I went out to lunch two days this week, once with my mother. We went dress clothes shopping for the ever growing child and shoe shopping for me. I made dinner four days in a row this week (plus an odd day by itself), which is an huge accomplishment for me lately. Amber had another great physical therapy session where they successfully taped her knees for stability. Flute lessons are still quite enjoyed by Amber and she's even preparing for a performance next month.

Autumn colors are starting to come out here in Missouri and once again I am struck by the beauty of our little corner of the world. It seems everywhere we go there is something wonderful to behold. The skies have been a fairly overcast this week with no rain to show for the dreariness, yet even with the dimly lit skies we still can't help notice the beauty of Autumn. Amber and I both agree this is fast becoming our favorite season.
Ready for another day of co-op classes - it was drop and go for me until time to teach.
Homemade gluten-free bacon pizza - the crust was entirely from scratch!
Taped knees after therapy. It provided the needed stability, but she only tolerated it for about 24 hours.
That's our week. School could have been more prominent, yet I feel Amber still learned plenty and I'm hoping we are holding back any more dysautonomia flares with this more relaxed attitude towards completing lessons on busy days. Here's to next week having more time at home.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. That taping looks very familiar. Dean has had that on his knees and shoulders. The pizza looks divine. Thanks for posting about the review crew. I applied today.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I was hoping you would see the review crew application!

  2. Isn't great that as home schoolers we can be so flexible? We can go fast and deep or chill with a bit of unschooling.
    PS My children would love to have a play room like Amber's - it's seriously cool!

  3. Oh, I was reading about Biscotti on Facebook. He sounds to be on the mend! Our kitty seems to be doing quite well considering her 4 month adventure in the outside world. She's fattening up and is as fiesty as ever. (She's never been a people-person unless SHE wants it...) I've pondered joining the School Crew again. The kids loved the variety...for about 3 months. Then they didn't like the interruption from regular school stuff. I still use some of the stuff we reviewed.

    1. Biscotti had a recheck today at the vet and it looks like the UTI is gone, which is a good thing because he was losing patience with the nightly pills. Glad your kitty is still doing well and still at home!

  4. Oh poor Biscotti! He's such a gorgeous kitty. Our cat nearly died of a terrible UTI and he never displayed any signs until he was nearly gone! I think Amber's social life is as important as academics, too! She is really growing up into a lovely young woman! She does not look like a little girl anymore! I hope you can stave off any more flare ups as well!

  5. I don't think I knew she was learning German - how interesting!!

    1. She started in 7th grade, so this is her second year. I teach high school German at our homeschool co-op and she decided to switch from Latin after several years of studying it. It's definitely easier with her studying a language I actually know well.