Friday, October 2, 2015

Autumn Fun Days (plus a little school)

Lately we've been fully embracing the flexibility afforded by homeschooling, opting to allow Amber more time for social activities and hobbies. It's partly because life had become rather uneventful and depressing with the endless cycle of doctor visits, core subjects, and exhaustion / sick days.

Over the past month we've accepted every social event that interested Amber, even if we felt it might cause a sick day or two afterwards. These fun times, along with the regularly scheduled medical appointments and therapy, have resulted in a greatly reduced amount of regular school time. We do still feel the academics are extremely important for Amber, yet she needs a life that doesn't revolve around her limitations and illness. We also know as Winter nears the likelihood of Amber being healthy enough to attend activities diminishes.

Weekend: Ready for church with the realization, she is now taller than Mom (me!), it was especially noticeable since she wore wedges and I wore flats.
Park time with her cousins. She was taking a break from baseball because her heart rate hit 180 bpm. It was time to get low and stop moving. But she clearly didn't stay stationary for long - see the swinging.
This week we did not spend a single day completely at home, although enough school work still was completed. I attribute the amount of work actually able to be finished partly to Amber's dedication and diligence as well as to finding curriculum that is a near perfect fit for my child.

Our outside activities this week were:
  • Weekend cousin visit - With church and Sunday school on the weekend as well, the accumulated exhaustion resulted in a very rough Monday morning (umm. actually, she wasn't showered and ready until the morning was over).
  • Physical Therapy, immediately followed by another doctor's appointment  - in the end, the drive and time spent in appointments cost us all of Monday afternoon.
  • A heart stress test for me - Amber spent the morning worried and most of the afternoon at her grandmother's. (My stress test came back perfect, so no worries.)
  • Flute lesson
  • Middle School Youth group night at church - which meant resting for several hours before dinner in order to go.
  • Homeschool co-op - which takes an entire day.
  • Teen group (homeschool) mini-golf - but we picked up friends, went out to lunch, played mini-golf, went for ice-cream, then returned the friends home. So, an entire fun day as well.
Middle school youth group night - waiting for the fun to start and being goofy. She was in a great mood.
When we were home, Amber was extremely motivated to complete her school lessons. I am pleased to see her maturing and demonstrating an understanding of academic responsibility. I even offered to postpone her math lessons one day, but she replied "It's important to me that I study math and I am taking it very seriously this year, Mom." Well, alright then. It's wonderful to see such a completely different attitude towards math from how she felt a year ago. All because we stepped back and switched math curriculum. Even though Life of Fred is no where near as rigorous (in my opinion) as Saxon Math, Amber is willing to complete the lessons and seeks out additional online work when she feels the Life of Fred lesson was not detailed enough.

Amber even took her poetry assignments in the car with her on several occasions, which allowed us more time at home for discussion. Look for the review of this curriculum coming up next week, but I will say it has fit perfectly into our planned literature outline.

Poetry & knitting - actually at home!
A little wave for Mom (she caught me photographing from afar) and a lonely kitty who missed us being home.
All in all, it was a good academic week with every subject being covered at least once, and our favorites fitting in multiple times. Next week looks to have a little more time at home, which is needed after a busy, away-from-home week like we just finished.

Happy Weekend! (and Autumn weather is finally here)

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  1. What an awesome week. I believe that I have said it before, but you do a great job of finding a nice balance for Amber.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Home schooling is just awesome, isn't it? I'm so glad Amber's having lots of fun, she's such a lovely girl!

  3. I'm so glad you guys were able to fit in and manage so much fun this week! Amber is definitely growing up into a beautiful young woman, inside and out!

  4. It's been awhile since we've seen her, but wow! She looks tall.

    1. You'll see soon! She's taller than me. Slightly. We stand next to each other and I try to be my straightest and maybe stretch a little. All Fred says is "it's not looking good for you." :-)