Saturday, December 12, 2015

Slow Moving December

This was the week where I thought I'd be able to resume a normal schedule yet found myself exhausted at every turn. Apparently laparoscopic surgery still makes one tired. Who knew? Okay, so probably everyone except me. In my defense, it was the first time I've ever had this "easy" of a surgery, so I expected my body to cooperate a bit more. Turns out, my body doesn't like being cut, no matter the size of the incision. Ugh.

Amber had numerous additional medical appointments this week - all went well and some were fantastic. In case you didn't see the post earlier in the week, Amber has the official go-ahead from her dietician to continue trying wheat. It's been working out splendidly too! She even tried her beloved steamed broccoli earlier today along with wheat. We'll see how this goes, but we are hoping to get her back to a more normal diet that is simply restricted in fructose and not anything else.

Ready for Advent by Candlelight last Friday (I didn't make it *pout*)
And her last day of the co-op semester. It's REALLY warm here right now.
Physical therapy recommended and thus Amber's mold was taken for foot orthotics this week. We may still not get them, but her arches are falling (EDS - connective tissue problems) and becoming painful. Her dad knows all about this since he's now flat-footed from the same condition. Hopefully, we can prevent Amber's arches from completely falling and increase her foot comfort.

Our relaxed December school lessons were fairly productive over the week despite lots of appointments. We were able to finish all of the George Washington miniseries, wrap up our most recent Tapestry of Grace unit, continue in literature (The Friendly Persuasion), advance in Algebra 2 a little farther, continue writing and vocabulary assignments, and a fun German project.

I had decided my German 2 co-op class would be translating, to the best of their ability, Stille Nacht (Silent Night) as an in-class project during out last session prior to Christmas break. Amber was given the same assignment along with lessons in translations a few days ahead of the co-op class. She adored the project! Really getting into the language, selecting the most appropriate word definitions and seeing the poetic use of the language greatly appealed to Amber. My class was not as entertained, but didn't hate the project either. All kids learned something and were able to see how difficult the work of a translator can actually be.

Dinner out - with wheat! Plus our Friday afternoon snack at St. Louis Bread Company (the rest of you all call it Panera). Sigh. My bagel, her muffie. If only Bread Co would choose better ingredients there would be more she could eat.
Amber finished up her semester at co-op too with a fantastic day. All but one of her classes will change next semester, and the remaining class will be fairly different as many new students have registered for it while all but one of the existing students, besides Amber, will be leaving. Amber is basically trading practical arts for fine arts next semester, which will help keep everything fun and fresh.

We have just one more week of potential school days prior to taking an official break until January. We are still a little behind if you go with the straight numbers. As of right now, Amber has 445 of her needed 1000 hours for the school year and only 240 of the 600 core hours. However, we actually have more school days in second semester the way we've set up our school year calendar. I guess this puts Amber right on the nose for progress.

I like to torture myself and project out Amber's lessons in each individual subject too, just to see how well our plans are working. Right now Amber is still on track to finish Algebra 2 before summer lessons start. This is a huge accomplishment. We planned for her to be finishing Algebra 2 when she starts 9th grade, and she may still be if problems arise this coming semester. Yet to be on track to finish in May amazing.

German translation work, literature in a waiting room, Christmas crafts, and our two Angora cats. They love sleeping under the tree.
All of the other subjects are still on schedule to finish before the school year is out, except Physical Science. That will definitely be a summer subject and perhaps even a beginning of 9th grade topic too. My goal for the new year is to be more diligent in encouraging science study.

This weekend we are moving slow, but still accomplishing tasks that need to be completed before Fred's parents visit for an early Christmas next weekend. I'm also looking with great anticipation to having my stitches removed, finally, on Monday. I'm even counting down the hours at this point.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I hope you feel much better once the stitches are out. You both are getting so much done. Take it easy and enjoy the season. The wheat being added to the diet is fantastic. I still do a happy dance that Dean can eat it now.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Really hope you start to feel better Christy.... you are a strong woman and I know that you will heal nicely and those stitches will come out soon and you'll feel better... Glad that Amber is doing so well in German.... and that she is able to eat wheat! Great for her! I hope you girls have a fantastic holiday!

  3. I see lots of beautiful smiles on Amber's face and that can only be a good thing! It's exciting that she's able to eat more new (old) foods again! By now you have probably gotten those stitches out! I hope you're feeling more chipper this week!