Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Relaxing Christmas Rest

We are heading back to full days of school on Tuesday with a newly designed daily schedule as well. It's been a restful and fun couple of weeks off from every day life.

We've played games, eaten out at restaurants that had been off the safe list for so long, watched TV and movies at home, gone out to see Star Wars (in 3-D of course), slept a lot, and tried to avoid floods.

This weekend we've taken down the Christmas decorations, cleaned the house a bit, and begun planning our changes for next semester. There are still a few things to be done, but we are moving slow still and not quite ready to give up our lazy schedule.

Enjoy a few highlights from our weeks off.

Christmas Eve - She acolyted for a long communion service and was happy to do so!
Church Youth Group Christmas Party- she had a wonderful time.
Yearly cookie baking day with Grandma.
Working hard at PT even though she was exhausted.
Not so great vitals at the neurologist (on her medication too).
New Year's exhaustion.

Amber's two favorite gifts (despite getting an iPad Mini 4): LEGO Dimensions video game and the HUGE teddy bear Fred picked out.
Plus my brand new multifunction printer. I'm ever so happy to have a reliable color printer again.

Yes, we live where it flooded this past week.
The top two pictures are from Dec. 27th on our way to and from church. That is not normally a lake. It's a field. Many roads in our area (including interstates) were closed over the past week. We were fortunate to come out unscathed with minimal inconvenience. The bottom two pictures are the extent of our water problem. The basement hasn't leaked there in almost 9 years, but this was the last day of the rains and the water never made it to the floor. Our sump-pump also kept up with all the rain.

Building the main LEGO Dimensions portal, then building accessories while playing. It is a very unique experience. We love it though!
The kitties on Christmas morning with their presents from Santa.
A sick /exhausted girl playing Dimensions with her teddy bear named Eddie.


  1. I hope you all have a lovely New Year. I love Amber's red dress. That is lovely. I am glad the flooding didn't get you all. I was thinking of you as the news reported the flooding. Our Sump pump died and we have ordered a new one. Luckily, it did it's job and kept us mostly dry right before sputtering out. It is supposed to be dry here for a week. I hope the same is for you.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Amber is so beautiful, even when she is exhausted :)
    My younger two would LOVE a bear like Eddie. Oh the fun they would have....