Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January Birthday Girl

How is it we are back to January yet again? It's not just the beginning of a new year for us, but marks another year of life for Amber - this year it is fourteen. That's fourteen whole years we have been parents to this amazing child.

We could not have imagined fourteen years ago what life with her would be like. The absolute joy she brings us each day just by being her kind, quirky and empathetic self. Nor would we have known the pain and anguish we feel when she is having a flare of her illness. 

Amber has grown from the sweet baby girl born during a particularly cold January to a strong and courageous young lady who knows more about herself and those around her than most adults. She has the ability to see the essence of a person and to understand their needs. She regularly puts the happiness and needs of others above her own simply because she feels it is appropriate.

This past year has been particularly difficult for Amber with new diagnoses and the progression of her Ehlers Danlos symptoms. She may not always have been happy and shiny, but has handled her physical limitations with grace. She sets an example for all who know her.

With less than a week before our girl leaves behind thirteen years of age, the year we thought was such a monumental milestone, I am thinking about how much she has grown physically, emotionally, and in maturity this past year. I believe fourteen might be an even larger leap towards adulthood.

Happy (almost) Birthday to our lovely young lady!


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  1. Happy birthday Amber! I love seeing pictures of you because you have such a beautiful, caring smile.

  2. Happy birthday!! She sounds an absolute delight :)
    My son turns 14 tomorrow, and this has been a fabulous year for growth and maturity. I hope you all have a lovely day on her actual birthday.xx

  3. Happy Birthday Amber! You are a young lady filled with grace, courage and beauty.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. Happy Birthday Amber!! 14 is such a wonderful age. It is the age Keilee always looked forward to most of all. I have loved being a part of watching Amber grow up. She is an amazing young lady! <3

  5. Happy Birthday, Amber!

    We're celebrating two January birthdays in our house! :)