Wednesday, February 10, 2016

High School Science Options

Recently, we had an epiphany in regards to Amber's high school science courses given that her intended college path does not include any science related fields. Upon checking with multiple possible colleges, we decided Amber had the freedom to choose her science topics and did not need to follow the standard progression of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and advanced science. Although wonderful, this left us bewildered as to what her options might actually be.

High School Science Options - alternate topics and curriculum selections for homeschooled high schoolers.

We were looking for course options that interest Amber and of sufficient level to grant high school credit, while not being too difficult as to trigger her anxiety.  After what felt like eons of research, I came up with multiple options to present Amber. She has made some initial selections and indicated her potential future interest in others. There is no need to map every science course immediately, but it relieves some concern to know what directions we might take for science.

These are the options that made the final cut and were presented to Amber. All are worthy choices and she would have been happy with any, yet given the numerous items she was at liberty to narrow this list to her personal favorites.

(Amber has basically decided against anatomy in general, but not because of the curriculum offered. She's really only interested in a couple of topics so we will cover those individually.)





(Our current plan is to create our own 1/2 credit course using all of the resources below.)

Overall Science

Although Amber has indicated her points of interest, I'm still actively researching in my available time. Who knows what I may find or what new products will become available prior to us starting a topic. If you want to keep up with my ongoing research, check my Science Options - High School Pinterest board for my most recent list of finds.


  1. So nice that Amber can choose her science courses based on what she's interested in. In my state students are required to complete a Biology course in high school. None of my kids have been particularly interested in science, but they really enjoyed the Classical Astronomy course you mentioned and both my kids are doing the Survey of Science course this year.

    Off to check out your pinterest board because I have a daughter that will need at least one more science credit and we need ideas! Thanks for joining the high school link-up!

  2. YEAH... sounds like Amber has made some good choices. :)

  3. Have you used the Guest Hollow chemistry for high school and do you have any thoughts on it?

    1. We haven't used the Guest Hollow chemistry yet. It's still on our list of options for chemistry though, but Amber decided to go through botany and genetics before chemistry.

  4. Hi! I'm wondering if you've used any of the Guest Hollow options. I've been considering it for my daughter, and I'm just wondering what it's like. It looks to be a list of supplemental books and I'm assuming possibly some projects, etc? What else is included? Did she like it? My daughter hates textbooks and so far hasn't enjoyed science so I'm trying to be creative, but we also need some structure and guidance to stay on track.