Monday, July 3, 2017

Knitted Child's Minion Hat

Amber picked the following hat project to create for her younger cousin this last Christmas.  The entire project took her three to four hours to complete. It was done on a knitting loom to help with uniformity. She created this pattern all on her own after looking at many samples of minion hats and pictures of minions.

The hat Amber made ended up being 32 rows long, which was a little large for her four year old cousin, but he has plenty of room to grow. It makes it more of a elementary aged child hat, and not a pre-schooler sized.

Knitted Child's Minion Hat


1 Skeen Blue Yarn
1 Skeen Black Yarn
2 Skeens Yellow Yarn
1 Skeen gray / silver yarn  (you don't need much if you already have some available)
1 Skeen White Yarn (you don't need much if you already have some available)

Circular Knitting Loom - 36 peg size
Yarn needle
Crochet hook - size G

Hat knitting:

Using the e-wrap method, cast on in blue and
  • start with 5 rows of blue
  • Continue with 15 rows of yellow.
  • 3 rows of black
  • 8 more rows of yellow
  • and finally, she decreased by half in 1 row of yellow

Then, using a yarn needle, thread through the remaining loops and tie off. Weave both the ending and beginning tails into the hat.

Knitted Child's Minion Hat


These were crocheted instead of knitted, because she had an easier time with the magic rings than with circular knitting. You could choose to use only one eye instead and place it in the center.

Using the directions for a magic ring (found here), create two eyes with the details below. Be sure to leave a tail hanging at the back from the beginning and end of each eye.

  • Use black for the initial chain and first round - with 6 sc in first round.
  • Use white for the second round of 2 sc in each sc of first round.
  • Use gray / silver for a third round of 2 sc in each sc of the second round.

Attach the eyes on the black band of the hat with the inner edges of the eyes touching and the middle of each eye centered on the middle row of the black band.

Mouth & Hair:

Using black yarn and the yarn needle:

For the mouth, stitch across 8 columns centered beneath the eyes.  Amber choose to put the mouth approximately 4-5 rows up from the bottom blue band with a slight upward tilt on the ends.

For the hair,  pull through with the yarn needle and knot a few randomly placed strands of hair on the top of the hat. The hair should be sparse. Amber only use 4 hair sets (each pull-through makes two strands sticking up).  She cut the hair to be approximately 1.5 inches long. She also used fray-check to ensure the yarn did not unravel immediately.

(originally posted in early 2016, but with the new movie out I thought this might be helpful for those with minion fans)


  1. Wow, I love this! Amber has done such a great job. I am so bad at knitting so have huge respect for anyone who can knit straight, at the right tension and not drop any stitches!

  2. Well done! I'm a new knitter, but I've crocheted Minion hats before :)

  3. This is adorable and well done on creating the pattern herself!