Friday, June 30, 2017

Outsourcing Homeschool Lessons

We've always tried to ensure Amber had the opportunity to pursue her interests. Over the years there have been many outsourced classes and lessons, even before we started homeschooling: years of all types of dance, horseback riding lessons, many types of art classes, years of private swim lessons, multiple instrument lessons, drama, musical theater, voice, STEM camps, kid baking classes, etc. 

Outsourcing Homeschool Lessons can be as simple as afternoons with Grandma.

We've never felt the need to outsource her core schooling subjects, but I always thought I would seek out-of-the-home classes if it became necessary. Yet I've totally dismissed a need we have not been fulfilling because it is not a core class. In my mind outsourced classes have always been paid instructions offered at a professional location. I recently came to the realization that the solution to our particular need was readily available if I opened my mind. 

While Amber knows how to bake, as in cookies, cake, and muffins, she has very few skills in actual meal cooking. I've tried to teach her, but the honest truth is I do not have the patience for it. I also do not enjoy cooking a great deal, which makes me something of a reluctant teacher. I'd rather just get the meal preparation over with instead of slowing down to explain the process. Then to top it off, I'm the type of person who'd rather do something myself instead of waiting on another person or, worse, fixing their work. 

All this does not bode well for Amber's cooking instruction, but at least we have already muddled through other traditional home / practical arts skills. She knows enough basic sewing (by hand and machine) to mend clothing, but doesn't care to learn more at this point. She knows how to knit and embroider too. She knows how to clean all portions of the house, even if she doesn't like some of the jobs. But she cannot cook enough to survive. 

Outsourcing Homeschool Lessons can be as simple as afternoons with Grandma.

However, I recently realized that anytime Amber is at my mom's house for a meal she happily helps with the food preparation. My mom even enjoys teaching Amber how to cook and Amber takes direction from her happily. This is a perfect solution to our dilemma!
After discussing the possibilities, we arranged for Amber to have one day a month with my mom to learn various cooking techniques. I'm staying out of the plans while leaving it entirely up to Mom (and Amber) to decide what Amber needs to know. I can trust without a doubt that my daughter is in good hands for these lessons.

Already after the first lesson Amber knows how to make a meal that I've never been able to successfully create. Hopefully these cooking classes continue to be a fun experience for both Grandma and Amber.  However, I definitely learned a valuable concept: Outsourced lessons do not have to be formal instruction by paid teachers to be effective.


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  1. THAT was a cool post and a good way to think on things. :) YEAH for grammas being able to teach things that we'd prefer not to. :)

  2. What a great solution! I've had my mom teach my daughter sewing, quilting, and crochet in the past and it's always worked out well.

  3. What a cool idea! Grandmas seem to always have the most patience and skills!

  4. I absolutely LOVE that she is learning cooking for Grandma. I would give ANYTHING if Keilee could have done this. What precious memories for them both!!!!!

  5. I love this, wish our Grandma lived close enough, not only is she learning fabulous life skills but building her relationship with her Gran. Beautiful!

  6. What a fabulous way to outsource!