Wednesday, March 16, 2016

5 Reasons to Homeschool High School

Our original plan when we began homeschooling Amber mid-way through fourth grade was to only homeschool through eighth grade and then return her to the Lutheran high school where we always had intended for her to attend.

5 Reasons to Homeschool High School

Life comes along and changes plans. Homeschooling has been a huge success, Amber prefers homeschooling, and with her medical challenges homeschooling is much easier from a logistics standpoint. Still, were those three reasons enough to give up our original plan? The Lutheran high school will have some of its own positive points as well.

We did end up deciding to keep Amber in homeschooling through high school and even started a little early with high school level work in eighth grade. And while Amber's preference along with the ease of dealing with her medical condition at home factored in our final choice, there are at least five other compelling reasons which influenced our decision to continue to homeschool throughout the high schol yeaars.

Our Top Five Reasons to Homeschool High School:
  • Ability to continue learning in a personalized environment tailored to the student's learning style and needs.
    (This is a huge factor for Amber.)
  • Time to pursue interests outside of school, such as: music, art, creative writing, community service, or sports. The lack of unneeded busy homework gives the student more time for hobbies, and service in the community or church.
  • Provide the highest caliber education without concern for the school district or private school funding (or politics). Along with this is also allowing the student to study topics of interest instead of the standard, generic path.
  • Avoid the drama of life in a contained high school social structure and instead be able to spend time learning to function in real life.
    (Again, very important for Amber to learn to handle her chronic illness in more than a school building setting.)
  • The parents and other selected adults may continue to be the guiding influence in the student's life instead of equally unprepared teenage peers.

Our Bonus Reason: 
Allow us to schedule school lessons around Amber's medical appointments without causing education disruptions. 

We feel homeschooling high school will be a more successful and beneficial path for Amber than private or public high school. Of course, you must judge and decide for your own family what is best.

Homeschooling through High School


  1. For us, it is being able to school however and whenever we want and being able to take whatever combination of IGCSE subjects we want (the school time table often means you don't have much choice). Oh, and the no home work would be a huge one for my older three!

  2. I'm so happy you're homeschooling through high school. Your blog is a huge help!

  3. Love your reasons! They are similar to the reasons we plan on homeschooling through high school as well!