Monday, March 7, 2016

Second Semester Checkup

Recently I realized we are roughly three-fourths complete with the school year, and decided I should give Amber's progress a little review. There are twelve weeks left of our full-day school year, plus another month of partial days available before hours recording switches to the new school year.

Total Hours Earned: 760 of 1000 required
Core Hours Earned: 426 of 600 required.

I've been very selective in recording school hours this year as a practice for official high school age next year. I might have been too selective, but still she's at 71% of her core hours and 76% of her total hours, which puts her right on track.

Individual Subjects:
Math: Our goal was a full credit of Algebra 2, however Amber is at best halfway complete. She did need to finish Algebra 1 at the beginning of this school year, which meant she could not start Algebra 2 until a couple of months in.  I expect the same situation will happen again and we will not change math levels until October.

Physical Science: Again, the goal was a full credit. Amber is extremely far behind in this subject, having completed only about one fourth of the credit. Although she is moving much faster through the work now and we've found a way to dedicate more time to science. She will work on it until it is complete, even if it takes until a year from now.

German: Amber is about half-way through her credit instead of 3/4 as we would expect by this time of year. However, I'm still pleased with this progress and it too will just continue until she is finished.

Language Arts: Finally, a subject where she is ahead! Our goal was a full credit in Language Arts, which includes grammar, writing, literature, and vocabulary / spelling. Amber is at 85% complete on this credit, which makes this one easy to complete in the next few weeks.

Amber does have extra hours that I've credited to Journalism for her yearbook class at co-op. Those hours are not in the above totals for Language Arts, but could be if we needed them.

History: In years past, Amber earned more hours than needed for history and finished early. This year we de-emphasized history some to allow Amber more time for other subjects, and thus history is at 78% complete instead of over 100% already. That is more inline with how it needs to work, so we are pleased with our changes this year.

Hours attributed to Amber's American Government credit and her Ancient History credit from co-op class are not included in the Early Modern history listed above.

Practical Arts: Goal was 1/4 of her desired 1 credit. She has easily already earned 1/2 credit through economics, knitting, embroidery, and cooking classes. Ahead on another subject!

Fine Arts: Again the goal was 1/4 credit and she has already completed 1/2 credit through two different art classes, drama class, and flute lessons (not practices).

Health / Physical Education: There was never any concern that Amber wouldn't get enough P.E. hours over high school. We decided to create a custom health class for her based on her medical needs, but I was unsure it would total enough hours for 1/2 credit. Already this school year Amber has earned 1/4 credit in health. I guess, she will be fine.

Personal Finance: This was an unplanned subject for the school year. We had the opportunity to use Junior Achievement's Finance Park curriculum and participate in their simulation day. All of this has totaled to 1/4 of a credit in Personal Finance.

Overall, Amber is on track for the school year and will be in fine shape to reduce her school hours in June to a couple per day. Math and Science are moving slow, as we expected, but could use a little bit more of a boost when a couple of other subjects are complete.


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  1. I don't keep track of any hours for any of my children as we don't have requirements in the UK. I can really see the benefit of it though because you can really see what areas you've excelled in and which areas need a bit more work. I still think you are both incredible and doing really, really well!

  2. I'm glad we're not the only ones that have kids that vary in how far along they are in different subjects. My freshman a bit ahead in math and grammar but behind in literature, history, and writing.

  3. We're all over the place too!! My freshman is done a couple of sophomore, even junior level courses, but is dragging his heels in others. My senior is just putting his head down and trucking, crossing things off his list. He's down to four subjects left to "finish".