Friday, March 4, 2016

Weekly Update - The Shopping Edition

As expected for this week due to the extensive appointment schedule she currently has throughout March, Amber worked mostly on our current Review Crew items for the majority of her book work. Looking back over her accomplishments for the week, surprisingly the subject most heavily represented is physical education.

Between physical therapy, home therapy, a day out at Kokomo Joe's, clothes shopping, and mall walking two different days, Amber racked up quite a bit of exercise. She paid the price too and was at her energy's end by Wednesday evening. I wasn't sure she would make it to Thursday, much less through it, but we thought over her energy expenditures and found ways to reduce them to make Thursday a better day than Wednesday.

Kokomo Joe's (again), but with a friend instead of cousins. PT says she can do the mini-bowling, but she "dorks up" her shoulder every single time. She's also a crazy driver; Fred says "no license for her."
It really has been quite a hectic week though with a medical appointment for me, unexpected shopping excursions for new glasses for Fred and new clothes for Amber who suddenly had nothing suitable for warmer weather (yes, she grew a significant amount, again), and our regular weekly appointments. The busyness didn't let up today either; Amber needed to be at the hospital by 7:30 am to check in for her 4 hour gastric emptying scan. We are finally home and ready to relax this weekend.

The bonus of the lengthy medical test was quiet, dedicated time for book learning that was only slightly interrupted every 30 minutes for a quick abdominal scan. The poor girl only wanted to just sleep during the test time, yet unfortunately sleeping, eating or drinking were not allowed the entire 5 hours we ended up being at the hospital.

Accomplishments for the week:
  • 4 blocks of physical education / exercise (plus daily strength training)
  • 3 blocks of religion - look for the review of Grapevine Studies next week
  • Flute lesson and practices
  • 1 block of math (shocking - it's not a review item)
  • Co-op classes + yearbook class homework before and after
  • 3 blocks of literature - Shakespeare's Henry V using Memoria Press guides
  • 1 block of physical science
  • 1 block of history (completing the reading for two Tapestry of Grace units)
  • 1 block of script writing - she's finalizing the plans for her stop motion video using Stopmotion Explosion.
Lunch with Grandma one day. Then, ible study, literature in the car (she now gets car sick, it appears) and exhaustion another day.
In medical news, Amber still can't eat much at all and is dealing with a nauseous tummy most of the time. We won't know the results of today's test until the GI doctor appointment next week, which is number 3 of 4 medical appointments.

We did receive the detailed report from the occupational therapy evaluation conducted a couple of weeks ago and it is recommended that Amber begin regular OT for sensory. At least it's not recommended to be weekly OT, otherwise I might just give up on schooling the child. We don't have many more hours left in the days. Each medical professional has "a few" home things they want her to do daily. If only they knew how much time it all that totals. In addition to her regular appointments, co-op, and sleep, we aren't left with much time to dedicate to quiet, focused learning. 

More Bible study on a better day; Plus lots of book work while waiting out the gastric scan at the hospital.
Amber's foot orthotics were remade and dropped off for us during physical therapy this week too. This set fits much better and actually helps Amber with her hip stability along with the falling foot arches. Two for one bonus. Amber is thrilled to have the new orthotics, just as long as she can conceal them in her shoes and other teens won't know she's wearing them.

As you might expect, we are going to let Amber rest this weekend. I'm going to remove the last of the Winter decorations (the Christmas ones were promptly put away), and adorn the house for Spring in the hopes of lifting Amber's spirits. She's rather tired of the cold, dreary days we've had of late. Actually, she's just rather tired and I've decided to let her off the hook for her household duties this weekend in the hopes she recovers enough to survive next week.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. It looks like she managed to have some fun before she crashed.

  2. Oh! you got the stopmotion review. I can't wait to hear your opinion on it. I think we were just a touch to young for it (boo hoo). My heart goes out to you and Amber. I know that all of the extra appointments and exercises take lots of time and energy. Praying for a calm weekend.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I can just imagine how hard it must have been for Amber not be allowed to sleep through that test! I hope they can figure out what's causing the nausea soon and fix it. As for one more home therapy "prescription"- It can get crazy!! Just do the best you can. That's all a human can do!

  4. Glad to hear someone else has winter/Christmas decorations still out too.

  5. Wowser! You two are incredible. I really hope you had some quality down time this weekend?