Friday, April 1, 2016

A Spring Weekly Update (and High School Support Giveaway)

We are slowly coming out of our hectic appointment schedule to the arrival of Spring in full force.  The air conditioner has been running most days, because we can't open windows due to allergies, and it's actually time to start yard and plant maintenance.

Amber had two extra doctor appointments this week: the allergist, who took 5 minutes to say the nasal spray is still working and her allergies look stable, and orthopedics. We were at orthopedics at the request of Amber's pediatrician to get X-rays of her back before the EDS makes things too bad. The appointment was our first with a professional (it was a nurse practioner, not one of the MDs) who clearly knew nothing about EDS. She actually told us information we know to be false. For example, you cannot developed scoliosis after you stop growing. Umm, perhaps that's true in healthy people, but people who have EDS can develop it at any time in their life. Sigh. 

Thankfully, Amber is already in PT and receiving all the treatment she needs for her back at this point. If we need to see orthopedics again, it will be a different provider. 

Easter Sunday and decorating Easter eggs.
The remainder of the week has been fairly productive for school. Amber attended all of her co-op classes this week without an appointment in the middle or leaving early for church. She worked diligently during our time at home, and even spent time in the evenings drawing for her art class homework. Her stomach is slowing down again, so I expect this burst of energy to be short lived until we can get her stomach jump started with GI this week. Still, it's been good to get a wide array of school work finished. 

  • Flute lesson and practices
  • PT and home exercises (she received a new home plan)
  • All co-op classes, plus yearbook and art class homework
  • 3 blocks of History
  • 1 block of Latin morphemes
  • 1 block of Physical Science
  • 2 blocks of Literature (Henry V)
  • 2 blocks of creative writing
  • 2 blocks of IEW writing
  • 1 block of Health
I've decided the block scheduling is probably temporary for us, or at least the way we have needed to use it. With so little school time available the last couple of months, I have filled in all open hours with larger blocks of each subject. I try to rotate through the subjects evenly, but it is hard to keep track of which subjects need attention. 

Amber and I have discussed modifying our usage of block lessons when her schedule opens up, in another week or so, to be a bit more planned. We can still do blocks that allow her to shift subjects less frequently throughout the day, but we need to set which blocks are done which days. 

She read the entire book in waiting rooms this week.
I've also been spending a little time deciding exactly which curriculum and credits she will work for next school year - 9th grade. Originally I believed we had quite a bit of curriculum to purchase this coming school year, however now it looks like I may already have many of the resources. Amber also won't be switching topics in several subjects until October or later, which means I can stagger the purchases or even change my mind before then. I've decided to buy nothing yet and wait until we are actually ready for everything. I've never been one to delay like this, so it's a new path for me too.

If any of you are busy planning high school, like me, I've got a few great resources available for you FREE through the month of April.
  1. High School & Beyond Bundle
  2. Homeschooling through High School Bundle
The Old Schoolhouse graciously offered me the chance to choose a selection of their electronic publications for you, my readers, entirely free for the whole month of April. Simply use the code: CSCREW16. No credit card or other payment information will be required.

Posing for me during co-op art class, and one of her drawings.
Next week looks manageable, although Amber has a couple of extra appointments. We have another break from homeschool co-op classes and it's our week to complete Amber's final year of standardized testing. No, it is not required by our state in any fashion, however we have always gone ahead with the testing for our own benefit. Last year we decided 8th grade would be her last year for testing, and now that the Stanford 10 test is being discontinued after this Spring, we are certain this is her last year for testing.

This weekend we are celebrating our nephew's 5th birthday a little early. Unfortunately the little dude had an accident at another child's birthday party this week and knocked a few baby teeth backwards. His mouth is in no shape for eating solid food, but at least he will heal. Hopefully, he can enjoy his own family birthday celebration.

Happy Spring Weekend!

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  1. What a great week. I am sorry that the orthopedics doctor didn't work out. Hopefully you won't need to return to soon.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I am glad everyone had a good week. I really like the art. It is so geometric.

  3. Gosh she is growing up. She must like her co op class she is smiling. Visiting from weekly wrap up.

  4. Very Interesting! Would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up:)

  5. What a frustrating orthopedic visit! It must have been a little hard for you, as someone who is so organized and on top of things to have decided to delay ordering for next year, even if you don't really need to yet! I'm kind of like that, too! I'm going to check out your resources. thanks for sharing!

  6. I shall have to show her art to my eldest twin - it is very good! L would love to do an art coop class with other homeschoolers, but that isn't available in this area. I'm sorry about the appointment, that must have been irritating :(