Saturday, April 23, 2016

The End Is Nearing

The end of the school year must be getting closer, since we had our last homeschool co-op classes of the year this past week. It was a great day and we all had lots of fun saying goodbye for now to our friends. Hopefully, Amber will be able to see many of her friends at different group events throughout the summer. We're already signed up for the end-of-year picnic in a couple of weeks!

Amber has been showing an upward trend in her health this week. She woke up before 9 am without an alarm or parent to wake her on four mornings. I did have to wake her Sunday morning because it is much earlier and Wednesday was a sicky-type day.  Friday, she woke up before 9 am, but looked pale and exhausted still, so I sent her back to bed for a little while. Overall, she starting to come out of her Winter slide and has more stamina just as she has done the last two summers.

Last day of co-op!
The birthday-kitty, Biscotti, turned five. He's been overly affectionate this week. And yes, that's my printer box from Christmas. He loves sitting on top of it because it's next to my desk. 
Literature in the car.
Stitch! She's loved Stitch since she was a baby.

It was a productive school week too with only one medical appointment for Amber since we have gotten off schedule with one of the doctors. Next week we are back to two appointments, but they are on the same day at the same location.

Amber is still on track to finish her school hours before the end of May, and while she is definitely later than any other homeschooling year, I'm pleased because of all the time she's needed to take off. I've also been overly selective in what I count as school hours, especially physical education. Just because she walks for a little bit or does her daily stretches, I don't give her P.E. credit. She has to actually work at sustained physical activity or be learning something about how physical activity affects her body.

Accomplished this week:
  • Math - The child felt well enough for math every single at-home school day! More than one lesson per day in Life of Fred Advanced Algebra.
  • History - another lesson and a half in Tapestry of Grace. We might yet finish it on time.
  • Writing - one lesson in IEW. She's kept up a steady pace and I already ordered and received the next level for 9th grade.
  • Logic - Introduction lesson and part of Lesson 1 - each designed to be a week. She really is pleased with Traditional Logic from Memoria Press. It helps to have the video lessons and not only reading.
  • Literature - Tale of Two Cities. Finished all the pre-reading lessons and started the first Book reading with novel notebook questions completed as she went along.
  • Finished up the last of her yearbook class work and art class assignments for co-op.
  • Flute lesson and practice - she practiced every day!
  • Confirmation class and daily prayer log assignment.
  • PT and aerobic exercise.
  • Cooking class with Grandma.
More new LEGOs this week. She is obsessed with Ninjago now. Watching her Logic video with a LEGO mess on the floor.
Science was entirely unrepresented this week as well as German. She just didn't feel sciencey, and I decided to wait one more week before adding German back in. We also need to start her new grammar program that arrived on Monday, Fix-It! Grammar from IEW.  Amber was stalling out on Analytical Grammar and getting bogged down. We decided to try something different for a while and see if maybe we can come back to Analytical Grammar next year. Maybe never. Just depends.

I had a little mishap last weekend while trimming the plants in our yard. It wasn't the type of injury you might expect given that I was using a long-handled manual trimmer. Apparently I worked too hard on way too many plants and the repetitive motion resulted in fairly severe tendonitis in my left wrist. It took me four days to seek treatment and after determining through x-ray that it wasn't a stress fracture, I was diagnosed with the tendonitis. I did learn that sometime previously I have broken that same wrist. The x-ray showed a healed break of decent size. I am unaware of having ever broken that particular bone, so it was a bit of a shock.

Cooking lesson with Grandma.
This weekend I won't be doing any outside work since I'm supposed to be resting my wrist to heal the tendonitis. This is already old and I've got 4-6 more weeks of arm rest. Instead of yard work, we are going to try out hair styles for Amber's first ever formal dance next weekend. Wish us luck!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I am so glad to hear that Amber is feeling a bit better this week. I hope that keeps up. Take it easy on your wrist.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I'm so happy to hear this report of feeling good! That's wonderful! Sorry about your wrist, though. That's really weird. Hope that heals up nice and quick!