Friday, May 13, 2016

Almost There...

It's been a stormy week in our little suburb with crazy large hail and winds, but thankfully our house and yard survived without any visible damage. The storms have made Amber feel pretty crummy, since due to the dysautonomia her body is extremely sensitive to pressure changes. And we have had some definite pressure changes this week. Right now the weather is warm and sunny, but you can feel the humidity increasing and and the pressure is falling in advance of a cold front with more storms.

Surprisingly, our week has been rather productive in school and other areas. Amber had her fourth medical appointment for the week today, but other than flute lesson there were no other outside activities this week. Thankfully. She just wasn't up for much given the weather related dysautonomia flare.

We saw Captain America: Civil War one evening this week and then found the Civil War LEGO set. I *almost* kept it for me, but instead Amber has assembled it.  Logic and then LEGOS almost every day this week.
We've been trekking right along in school lessons, even if they were not exactly as I had scheduled. Amber's heart rate and blood pressure were not even remotely under control this week, even with her medications. This means that her brain fog (variable cognitive impairment) was clearly evident every day and she's had a constant migraine since last weekend.  Multiple subjects required more concentrated thought than she was able give and most days she could only think for short bursts at a time.

Oddly enough, Amber made huge progress in Algebra 2 and Traditional Logic; her mind was in that type of mood. She also went through three lessons in our Tapestry of Grace history - we might just finish before the end of May after all. Writing and literature were hard for Amber this week, although she did manage a few lessons of each.

Guard kitty on a sickly day, plus other kitty cuddles. You know she wasn't feeling well because Biscotti (the big one) even let her hold him. Plus typing away with her new bluetooth keyboard. It helps her fingers on the iPad.
Amber finished her required total hours for school early this week, although  we still have content to finish in several subjects before eighth grade is officially complete. We did manage to close out a few subjects and make our decisions for summer lessons, though.

Still to be finished in 8th grade (end of May):
  • Early Modern History - just a few lessons left.
  • IEW Writing
  • Literature - Tale of Two Cities (so close...)
 Summer Subjects (only two per day):
  • Algebra 2 - ongoing, year-round math.
  • Physical Science - we are trudging through this and hope to be ready for Botany by August or September.
  • Traditional Logic - continuing from 8th grade
  • German
  • Literature - Scarlet Pimpernel
There is the possibility that IEW writing won't be quite complete by the end of May, and then it will be added to the Summer list. We are trying complete the majority of Amber's current subjects prior to her official start of high school, instead of the continuous running topics that bleed over from one year to the next.

Watching the Blue Angels
We just arrived home from Amber's OT appointment, of which the highlight might have been watching the Blue Angels practice during the drive to and from the hospital. We drive right by the smaller airport where they are part of an air show this weekend. Amber has never been to an air show and we don't plan to attend this weekend, but she greatly enjoyed watching practice. We even stopped for a drink close to the airport so she could spend a little extra time watching. We do live close enough that we heard the planes on and off yesterday during their practices although we couldn't see them.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. AHH Official start to high school - just reading those words...sigh...growing up so the pics! Everyone is seeing that movie this week! lol Enjoy the Sumnmer!

  2. We're heading to see Captain America today. I held off my three boys (& husband) as long as I could. Wrapping up 8th grade to head into high school... what a wonderful milestone!

  3. Sounds like Amber made a lot of academic progress this past week, despite feeling puny! Malcolm, Nate, and Jerry saw Civil War, too. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

  4. Oh you are doing Summer School also! Great, I am not alone. My friends think I'm batty to have the kids doing school in summer, but it just makes sense for us - especially this year.

    1. We always have some Summer school; it's just more relaxed and fewer hours per day. But it gives us the ability to take off more time during the year.

  5. We do summer school here as well. T can't wait for this summer (note very sarcastic voice!) because I am focusing on writing, grammar and spelling for an entire ten weeks. He is SO excited....not!