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{Review} NotebookingPages.com

Being Classical homeschoolers, we incorporate a good deal of reading in Amber's lessons and the amount has continued to increase as she has gotten older. We are not fond of multiple choice or fill in the blank worksheets to reinforce the reading assignments, yet still need ways to encourage thought and analysis.  For several years now, we have made use of our Lifetime Membership from NotebookingPages.com as a way for Amber to journal her lesson reading.

Review of NotebookingPages.com

What Can You Find on NotebookingPages.com?

The Member Center is the place to start with your Lifetime Membership as it not only is your entry way to the member downloads, but has an EasyStart Guide for those unfamiliar with notebooking.

The Membership Download section of the menu is where you then access the abundance of notebooking pages available on the website. A secondary menu allows you to search for notebooking pages based on subject or through a keyword search.  Of course, basic lined notebooking pages are also available without a specific theme. Those pages come in various line sizes, with places for pictures or graphics, or full pages of lines. Various border decorations are used to make the pages more interesting.

The available notebooking page topics include:
  • A-Z Pages
  • Bible & Character Study
  • Famous People - Presidents & First Ladies, Scientists, Explorers, Composers, Artists, Poets and more.
  • Fine Arts - Artist & Picture studies, Composers & Listening, and Copywork.
  • Geography - Continental Maps, Country Study, USA Study, and World Maps
  • History: (Every major topic from each period)
    • Book of Centuries / Timeline
    • Ancient Times
    • Middle Ages
    • Renaissance & Reformation
    • Modern Times
  • Holidays - You can search by month!
  • Language Arts - Topical copywork along with Greek and Latin Word pages.
  • Science & Natural History:
    • Anatomy
    • Animals - broken down by types
    • Astronomy
    • Experiment pages
    • Nature Study
    • Plants - Including trees, wildflowers, and weeds

Review of NotebookingPages.com

Each notebooking page is delivered as an immediately available PDF file download. There are various ways to download your notebooking pages, depending on how many style page you want of a single topic or how you want to store the pages. Each major topic has the following downloads:
  • A Zip File of all individual files on the selected topic
  • A Catalog file that lets you see the the Table of Contents of the topic along with thumbnail images of the pages
  • A Table of Contents for the topic
  • Complete file of all pages for the topic (not zipped)
These files are in addition to simply finding a specific topic page, for example: the Sugar Maple Tree, and downloading that single notebooking page.

These notebooking pages are designed to be used with any age child, and each topic contains more than a single page inside the PDF file. An assortment of pages with lines for all stages of writers, pages with and without boxes for personal drawings, and pages with an array of border designs are included in every topical download. The notebooking pages will grow with your child from Kindergarten through high school.

What Comes with a Lifetime Membership?

The Lifetime Membership of NotebookingPages.com provides UNLIMITED access to the thousands (literally) of notebooking pages currently available on NotebookingPages.com for the lifetime of the website.  The membership also includes all future notebooking page additions to the website, which is huge since additions are always being made!

Review of NotebookingPages.com

How We Use NotebookingPages.com

Since we have been members for three school years now, our usage of NotebookingPages.com was not limited to only the current review period. We are rather fond of our membership and this is one homeschool resource I definitely could not do without!

Amber's sixth grade ancient history course was mostly of our own design, and we relied heavily on NotebookingPages.com for pages that Amber could use to summarize her reading. Amber did not always want to provide me with illustrations for her summaries, but some days she chose to also draw a little on the notebooking pages. Thankfully, we had the option to select pages with space for art work or pages with lines only.

In just about every subject, we regularly find ourselves wanting to supplement lessons or may find the suggested curriculum assignment to be not of our liking, and so we go first to NotebookingPages.com to find a ready made page for our current study. We have also used the experiment pages as replacements for those provided in our science curriculum.

Quite often I give Amber reading material on her medical conditions so that she may be fully aware and able to understand her own body. We use NotebookingPages.com to turn the reading into a miniature study on the specific topic. Most recently Amber has been reading the specifics of how Ehlers Danlos Syndrome affects her entire body. I gave her the option of various generic science pages to use for a summary report on her reading.

Review of NotebookingPages.com

Lately, with the problems she has been having with her hands and fingers, Amber has not been able to do much handwriting. However, we found that the notebooking pages still work for her because they are PDF files, which she can use on her iPad in an app that allows annotations. This lets Amber still summarize on the notebooking pages while using a full size keyboard with her iPad. It also gives me the ability to print her work to store with her school files.

We even plan to use NotebookingPages.com for Amber's high school years. While working on lessons for Amber's upcoming high school Botany class, which I'm creating mostly on my own, I realized that NotebookingPages.com has nearly every possible plant page I could need. I've already scheduled which notebooking page will be used with each reading assignment, and the experiment pages will be our means of documenting Amber's genetics work with plants. There is no need for me to look any further than our Lifetime Membership for the assignment pages!

No matter your homeschooling style, NotebookingPages.com has resources to help you encourage your students in their lessons.


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