Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer School: Week 1

Our first week of summer school between eighth grade and high school has gone pretty much as I expected, meaning it was more summer fun and relaxation than school.  Amber did work on a few review items, but it's hard to school even a couple subjects per day when you have a holiday at the beginning of the week, Daddy takes vacation the last two days of the week, a nearly three hour lunch with friends one day to select next semester's co-op classes, and lunch with Grandma on her way out of town another day.

Ready to see several friends in a homeschool drama production, resting after the play before her cousin's baseball game, and ALWAYS LEGOS.
Still, that's what our Summer school is all about. We work on the days when we have nothing to do and it's too hot and humid here in Missouri to do much of anything. We take guilt-free days off when fun is to be had.

Amber is still fighting with the gastroparesis and learning to handle an alteration to her already low FODMAP / low fructose diet. She has been more steady in her health this week and hasn't had any downward spirals. We are working to set a new Summer schedule for her prescribed daily exercise and activity too, although I was slow to get that schedule to her so she really only worked on it a couple of days.

School work at home and at the Volvo dealership; fun reading and summer doodling.
Next week Amber begins her Summer creative writing group, called Project Write, where the kids are placed in small groups to write scenes / acts to a musical, including the music. Project Write is organized through a local center for creative arts where Amber's flute instructor is the artistic director. Amber desperately wanted to participate last summer, but with her trip to the Mayo Clinic it just wasn't possible. This year I promised to let her join, so starting next week she will be working with other kids roughly her age on the mystery edition of Project Write.

Her 8th grade graduation gift - she was entirely shocked yet thrilled we were letting her get an iPhone. She often forgets to take it with her places, but is getting the hang of it.
I feel like we did so much more this week, but most of it was house or car maintenance items, setting up new electronic devices for both Amber (new iPhone) and me (a birthday present iPad from over a week ago and a long overdue upgrade to my iPhone), contacting doctors' offices for information, and beginning the mountain of paperwork needed for Amber's upcoming genetics appointment.

We are so happy to be on Summer break!

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  1. I love the idea of getting a grade graduation present each year, although with five that might work out to be a bit expensive.....

  2. it looks like you guys had a pretty amazing week! Project Write sounds awesome!