Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer School: Week 3

Much of our week has been spent avoiding the heat and humidity that comes with living in Missouri. The weather here can be so pleasant for weeks on end and then, Bam! -  you don't even know what hit you. One day the weather is ever so tolerable and pleasant, but overnight things change and you wake to heat advisories and a week straight of 95+ degree temperatures with heat indices close to 110 degrees. It's literally painful to walk from the house to the mailbox, and don't even think about parking your car anywhere that isn't shaded.

All of which made for a very interesting week given that Amber had medical appointments every day except Wednesday. Thankfully three of the four days we had access to a covered garage at the hospital, so the car wasn't quite so unbearably hot. Unfortunately, the distance from our car to the hospital was rather lengthy and Amber's heart very much disliked the walking and heat.

Biscotti - who can pass up such a sweet face.

Fun stuff:

  • Lunch with a friend and her mom 
  • A photo shoot with the friend's older sister for a work project
  • Visiting Grandma for a short while after a test at the hospital
  • Video game playing
  • Doctor Who watching (we are officially finished with all of the current episodes)
  • The Warcraft movie in 3D because Fred wanted to see it.

Ready for the movie

School stuff:

Amber worked on a couple of review items and completed three lessons in Physical Science. She might actually finish it before August, but that is still uncertain. At this point, I'm so over Physical Science, but she really does need to complete the course. There has been plenty of flute practice and her regular flute lesson too along with free reading. 

The second week of Project Write was equally enjoyable as the first with the kids getting a portion of their script written and making adjustments to the outline from the first week based on changes in participants.  Amber probably should have skipped Project Write this week because she was absolutely exhausted after the hida scan of her gallbladder that afternoon, but she pushed through to attend.

I've also started ordering some of the curriculum needed for ninth grade, although I'm not quite ready yet to begin detailed planning. At some point I will also need to plan the co-op classes I'm teaching, but Amber starts back to school a good 3 weeks prior to co-op classes which makes her lessons top priority.
I'll put together a post about our ninth grade curriculum and credits when I'm absolutely sure our choices will not change.

Biscotti, an unusual homework helper

Medical stuff:

Today is the genetics appointment, however I've written this post prior to the appointment so there is no update. I'm more nervous than excited at this point. We've waited so long for this appointment and put so much hope into it, that I'm afraid it will turn out disappointing like the week-long visit to the Mayo Clinic last summer. Most of Amber's specialists are all waiting on the genetics results to move forward with more specific treatment too.

Amber also had two tests on her gallbladder, which were supposed to be just quick checks to ensure her polyp wasn't growing rapidly or causing problems. We don't have the official results from either yet, but the hida scan did not go well. Actually, I guess you could say it didn't really go at all. She was there for almost two hours while the technicians watched the radioactive tracer injected travel through her body. The real portion of the test occurs after the tracer enters the gallbladder.  Unfortunately, the tracer never was able to enter Amber's gallbladder, which apparently has meaning to the doctors. We don't have the results of this week's ultrasound yet to tell us what is going on though.  So, now we wait to see what happens next with her gallbladder.

The almost hida scan.

Coming up:

Next week currently looks a little less hectic towards the end of the week and possibly a smidge cooler.  We do have the homeschool group's yearbook signing party as well. Amber is giddy with excitement to see friends she's been missing since the end of year party. Of course there are a couple of medical appointments too.

Rosetta - the trouble maker. She often sticks out her tongue like this.

Happy Father's Day Weekend!

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  1. I am sorry you all are having such a heat wave. I really suffer in the heat. Luckily, we are in the mountains and usually only get into the mid 80"s which is frankly bad enough to me. Amber is so brave getting through all of the medical appointments. I hope the genetics appointment gives you some helpful answers.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. It sounds like you had a tough week, but it wan't without a little fun, so that's good!You're doing a great job of turning crappy into happy!