Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer - Week 8

We are winding down our summer school / break and nearly ready for high school. The mail carrier quite possibly thinks we have an online shopping addiction given the number of school related packages that arrived this week.

It's been swelteringly hot here, like in other parts of the country. We've had an Excessive Heat Warning since Monday morning and it goes through at least Sunday evening. Our actual temperatures have been close to 100, if not over, with heat indices (how it feels outside from the combination of air temperature and humidity) over 110 degrees. So if you can manage to handle the heat, you still need gills to breathe. 

Given the temperature we haven't left the house for any fun activities - nor did I take many pictures. There were scheduled therapies, Amber's flute lesson, Project Write, haircuts, and annual vet appointments for all three cats. I appear to have pushed my luck in the heat too, since sensor in my car seems to have freaked out when the poor car was parked in the sun for 3 hours. Now I have an appointment next week at the Volvo dealership to decide if there is a problem or not.

Milori and Rosetta were very much out of character at the vet during their joint checkup. Milori was grumpy and hissy (he NEVER hisses), and Rosie was shy and docile. Have you ever met a calico cat? They are not normally shy or docile, and neither is "Princess Ro-Ro", normally.
The next school year for Amber is basically planned, thankfully. I still need to enter some of the lesson plans into Homeschool Tracker, but otherwise we might be ready. We even bought new folders and pencil lead. That was essentially all we needed in school supplies. I still haven't cleaned out her school storage areas from 8th grade, which means this coming week I'm organizing and cleaning. It's a bit nerve wracking when I push all of this too close to the start of school.

I have the post detailing Amber's 9th grade curriculum written and ready to go for Monday. If you're interested to see how we've decided to structure the first year of high school, come back on Monday to check it out.

For summer school this week, Amber has continued to push through physical science in hopes of completing it within the first week (fingers crossed) of 9th grade. There has also been plenty of fun reading, flute practice, and working on her Project Write "stuff".  Amber has been fairly puny after any period outside, so her productive time has occured before any appointments each day. After leaving the cool house, she's been sickly.  I don't doubt it though, because I've felt pretty crummy after being out in the heat for just a few minutes too.

Biscotti goes to the vet by himself. He's too heavy to carry with the others being a large breed cat, and he's less than pleased with the whole ordeal. The vet has to give him sleepy gas to even examine him, much less give him shots. -- Here he was waiting to go back for some gas, and then at home wondering why Amber was posing like him.

This weekend we are deep-ish cleaning the house... I'm cleaning carpets and Amber is doing her deep dusting job. We want a nice fresh, tidy start to the new school year and we can't do anything outside anyway.

ONE week until High School officially starts! (super meep!)

Happy Oppressively Hot Weekend!

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  1. Wow! I thought it was almost unbearable around here. We have been in the low 90's all week. I hope you all have a nice last week to summer and don't get cabin fever.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I cannot imagine living with that kind of heat and humidity and not being able to go outside in the summer! It rarely gets like that here. I hope your heat wave is over by Sunday!